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How to Convert Images to PDF with Nitro PDF Pro

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Save time and stress by converting your images to PDF in a few simple steps.

Whether you’re sending vacation snaps to friends, or getting important project work across to a client, nobody wants to be hit with that dreaded message telling you your images are too big to share.

You then need to find a way of sharing your files that won’t take up hours of your time—or leave you feeling frazzled. And it goes without saying: you want your images to look as beautiful and professional as they did when you first captured them.

Luckily, Nitro PDF Pro has you covered.

In this guide, we'll show you how to convert your images to PDF on Windows, iOS and Mac devices. Say goodbye to time wasted searching for free compressing tools, switching between programs or sacrificing quality.

How to Convert Images to PDF in Windows

1. Download Nitro PDF Pro.

2. On the Home tab in the Create group, click PDF and From File. The Create PDF Files dialog will appear.  


3. Select Add Files, locate the image(s) you want to convert, and click Open.

4. Click and drag the files to define the order in which they will be converted.

5. Click Settings and select one of the following options from the Make PDF files menu:

  • Web ready: Optimizes the PDF file size for browser viewing and fast downloads 
  • Office ready: Optimizes the PDF file for satisfactory office printing quality 
  • Print ready: Optimizes the PDF file for maximum quality when processed on professional printers 
  • Custom: Configure your PDF output settings manually (see the settings explained in the Custom PDF creation settings section below). 

6. Click Settings and select one of the following options from the Folder menu:

  • Specific folder: Select a location to save the converted PDF file before it is created 
  • Folder of original file: The new PDF file is saved in the same location as the source file 
  • Ask during the process: Specify a location for the PDF file after it is created 

7. Check PDF/A-1b compliance to create an archival standard PDF file.

8. If you want to automatically open the new PDF after it is created, select Open PDF files after creation checkbox.

9. Click Create.

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Convert Images to PDF on macOS and iOS

Converting image files on Mac and iOS devices is very easy! Here’s how.

1. Open Nitro PDF Pro. 
2. Click Open File.
3. Upload your chosen image (JPEG, TIFF, and PNG).

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4. Your image will automatically convert to a PDF.

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Save Time and Explore the Fastest Way to Convert Your Images

With Nitro PDF Pro, converting and sharing images is a breeze. You’ll never need to worry about size constraints, losing quality or even watermarks on your files.

And with a host of other powerful features, Nitro can help you do so much more with your documents:

  • Edit and markup files 
  • Build and fill impressive PDF forms
  • Convert multiple file formats 
  • Securely sign and certify documents  
  • Integrate with your favorite applications 

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