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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Finance

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Discover how financial service organizations can digitalize their workflows to stay competitive and secure.

As a leader in financial services, you have to keep up with customers who demand a lot. They want a fully digital and modern experience with confidence their compliance and data security needs are met. In short, your organization is likely being pulled toward digital transformation whether you planned to head there or not.

There are dozens of solutions available today that claim to ease your transition to finance digitalization, but none are as essential as the ones that streamline document workflows, including PDF and eSign solutions.

A key component of your successful digital transformation in the finance industry will be document workflow automation.

Discover how you can support digitalization and what to look for in your solution provider.

Why You Need to Digitize Your Finance Document Management
How Difficult and Time Consuming Is It to Start Finance Digitalization?
What Are the Tools Involved in Finance Digitalization?
What Finance Digitalization Looks Like with Nitro’s PDF and eSign Solutions
Why choose Nitro as your Financial Digital Transformation Partner?
Achieve Successful Digital Transformation in Finance Today

Why You Need to Digitize Your Finance Document Management

The writing is on the wall—research from FinancesOnline found that:

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    Digitalizing your finance document workflows is critical for a few reasons:

    1. The modern customer is demanding a digital experience in all aspects of business. As the world goes digital, your financial services organization needs to be able to supply ways of doing business that keep you competitive and relevant. The mobility and accessibility aspects of tools like PDF and eSign solutions enable you to give your customers a single, streamlined digital user experience for all their financial workflows.

    2. The business world will never go back to 100% in-office life, so your organization needs to be able to support employees and enable work-from-anywhere capabilities. Finance digitalization through PDF and eSign software allows your employees to access, sign and complete forms and documentation from anywhere. Collaboration with clients, and each other, is so much easier.

    3. Security is paramount in today’s cyber landscape of evolving threats and sophisticated hacks. Your security practices must be unforgiving—especially when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. The right financial PDF and eSign software will keep you compliant and secure in your digital transformation, as global regulations evolve and malicious actors threaten to target your data.

    How Difficult and Time Consuming Is It to Start Finance Digitalization?

    Digitalizing your financial services organization with PDF and eSign software should be easy, affordable and quick.

    The right solution provider will not treat your business like a cash cow and instead invests in a long-term relationship that starts off on the right foot: a smooth, rapid onboarding and digital transformation process. You will be able to leverage analytics that show you how your tools are used within your organization so you can see where workflows can

    improve and an automatic ROI calculator to demonstrate your returns in a short period of time.

    What Are the Tools Involved in Finance Digitalization?

    The right provider will give you three essential tools:

    1. PDFs. Create, merge and edit PDF documents easily inside a single, secure and intuitive platform.

    2. eSign. Create electronic signatures and securely sign digital documents that remain legally binding and in compliance with industry regulations.

    3. Analytics. Get visibility into how your digital document workflows are going so you can identify trends and demonstrate ROI.

    Ask us any questions about PDF and eSign—we’re here to help!

    What Finance Digitalization Looks Like with Nitro’s PDF and eSign Solutions

    Below are a few use cases to give you an idea of how leveraging PDF and eSign solutions supports your digital transformation in finance and accounting.

    Digital Mortgage Documentation

    Mortgage contracts and agreements are some of the most time- and labor-intensive document processes out there. Using eSign solutions can streamline the mortgage process for every party involved by removing friction in the buying process, helping to avoid errors and adhering to strict security guidelines. Learn more about high-trust eSigning in our Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signatures.

    Easier Customer Onboarding

    You can speed up both customer and employee onboarding with PDF and eSign software that streamlines applications, enrollment and contract management. With effective digital experiences, you’ll improve customer relationships and get talent up and running as quickly as possible.

    Faster Loan (and Other) Applications

    Speaking of improving customer service, PDF and eSign solutions help financial organizations reduce time-to-sign so approving documents such as loan applications or account applications goes much faster. Customers will benefit from your digital transformation’s accelerated processes—giving your organization a competitive edge and boosting the speed and quality of your service.

    How Degroof Petercam Enhanced Their Customer Experience

    Degroof Petercam, a Belgian bank, was looking for ways to improve customer service while maintaining the highest security standards.

    When they opted for Nitro’s PDF and eSign solutions, they seamlessly integrated eSignature software into their digital customer platform while adhering to regulatory needs. They now offer a digital, secure private banking experience for customers and have transformed the way they interact and transact with clients, suppliers and employees.


    "Nitro's expertise enabled us to seamlessly integrate eSignatures within our digital platform. It has helped us save time for our clients and employees, enhance our digital offering and offer a superior user experience."

    Maxim D’Hoogh, Product Manager at Degroof Petercam


    Why choose Nitro as your Financial Digital Transformation Partner?

    Nitro was built for the finance industry and designed from the ground up to help organizations simplify the digitalization of financial data. Let us empower you to give your customers the experience they demand while staying secure and compliant.

    With Nitro, you can look forward to:

    Cost Efficiency

    Being in the financial industry, you know that in today’s economy, every penny counts. Nitro offers fair pricing that respects your budget and honors your long-term goals. We have watched other PDF and eSign vendors charge too much and designed fairer licensing structures and support. We do not hit you with surprise fees for licenses beyond your agreement or for eSignature requests that never get completed.

    We also offer an analytics solution so you can be certain you’re getting the most out of your Nitro technology. Analytics helps you measure productivity, optimize adoption and improve performance and usage across all Nitro products.

    Software Integrations

    You don’t have to abandon your existing software solutions when you switch to Nitro. We offer powerful integrations and APIs to connect your workflows, processes and systems into one solution—without causing massive disruption to your working environment.

    Superior Support

    Many PDF and eSign providers don’t offer any customer service support, unless you’re one of their high rollers. Nitro prides itself on world-class customer support and change management in the digital document solution market, and we value long and loyal partnerships—treating you as you treat your own customers.

    Try It Before You Buy It

    Nitro offers a pilot program so you can explore everything Nitro Pro Business has to offer with no risk. We know you are weighing many options and need the most value for your budget, so the pilot program gives you confidence you’re making the right choice. It also enables you to test out the entire scope of Nitro’s solutions, including PDF, eSign and analytics as a single solution.

    For several weeks, your users can do in-depth testing and evaluation—facilitating rapid onboarding should you decide Nitro is the right fit for your financial services organization. You can test out how to use Nitro to streamline all your document workflows, including:

    • Appraisals and Disclosures
    • Rental and Leasing Agreements
    • Mortgage Documents
    • Titles and Deeds
    • Internal Contracts and Agreements
    • Inspections
    • Tax Documents

    Try Nitro for free today.

    Painless Change Management

    Choosing a document productivity solution is an investment and has the potential to ruffle some internal feathers, so Nitro offers multiple resources to make change management and digital transformation easier on your staff.

    From self-help and training resources to video tutorials and how-to guides, you are not alone on your finance digitalization journey. Nitro also provides tailored employee change management communication to help stakeholders provide the right message and ensure successful user adoption.

    And if you want to learn more about how we protect the data of more than 1.5 million business customers every day, visit our Trust Center.

    Achieve Successful Digital Transformation in Finance Today

    To learn how to properly evaluate a PDF and eSign vendor for your digitization strategy, check out this free eBook.

    We’d love to hear about your financial services organization and your goals. Get in touch with Nitro today to see a demo of our solutions and discuss how we can help.