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GigaOm Named Nitro Sign an eSignature Leader for the Second Year in a Row

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Nitro was voted one of the best eSignature software platforms on the market based on its extensive functionality, best-in-class pricing and high-trust security and compliance.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Nitro Sign has been named a leader in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for eSignature Solutions for the second year in a row.

Every day we are inspired by our customers—and this recognition is a testament to their accomplishments. As digital transformation continues to be a core focus for businesses, we work hard to help global organizations achieve their unique digitalization goals, including 67% of the Fortune 500.

Read on for an executive summary of key highlights and takeaways from the Radar Report.

And get your complimentary copy of the full report to see why Nitro Sign was named an eSignature leader.

In the report, GigaOm provides in-depth insights on the best eSignature software. Here are some of the top reasons Nitro Sign received high recognition from GigaOm analysts in their review.

  • Seamless end-to end digital document experience 
  • High-trust security and compliance 
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics 
  • Competitive pricing structure 
  • Advanced automation 

eSignature Market Trends

Over 90% of businesses are in the midst of digital transformation—that is, the evolution toward much more data-driven business models that require an end-to-end digitization of all document processes. As companies move through digital transformation, eSignatures are now the norm and a critical tool for day-to-day operations, regardless of business size and complexity of document processes.

With P&S Intelligence forecasting a 29% CAGR global increase in spending on eSignature solutions in the next decade, GigaOm analysts are confirming this growth trend across all industries for core eSignature capabilities. An easy one to spot, considering the benefits organizations can realize from adopting electronic signatures are many—greater efficiency, better user experiences, global compliance and measurable sustainability.

However, it is becoming clear that market demand is evolving and from a user perspective, standalone eSignature functionality is no longer enough. As customers compare eSign software, vendors need to incorporate these digital solutions into broader document processes, moving towards platforms to support end-to-end digital workflows. As a result, businesses are looking for “end-to-end process capabilities rather than standalone solutions. In other words, eSignatures are viewed as a core component of broader document management suites, potentially not something an enterprise would purchase on its own.”


Nitro Sign is a Leader in eSignature Solutions

The requirements of digital transformation are manifested in different ways for end-to-end document processing, but ultimately, a successful digitization process will depend on a wider range of capabilities beyond eSignature. Must-haves for the best eSignature platform to meet your business needs also include compliance and data protection, ease of use, flexibility to align workflows to varying levels of security, identity verification integrationsto support country-specific, best-of-breed authentication methods and even instant document creation.

Nitro Sign was again named a leader in GigaOm’s review alongside Adobe and DocuSign.

The 2023 Radar Report provides in-depth insights and reviews on leading eSignature solutions including:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of 14 leading eSignature vendors  
  • Expert guidance on how to choose the best eSign software for both SMB and Enterprise requirements 
  • Detailed breakdown and analysis of each eSignature vendor offering  

Nitro Sign Advantages

Nitro Sign has built its eSign platform offering to support end-to-end processes, providing a seamless experience for customers. With services to drive automation and digitization across all document activities, for all company sizes, Nitro Sign can connect with any eID scheme with our open ID protocol.

Nitro’s broad portfolio can support “even the most complex use cases, driving high scores for flexibility, advanced digital signatures and identity authentication.

With an advanced distribution supported with familiar and intuitive workflow interfaces, such as bulk invite as a template functionality, our customers also benefit from Nitro’s “expertise in PDF management, resulting in a high score on the data field configuration.

Examples of advanced distribution include:

  • Flexibility to predefine parallel/serial routing sequences or action types (e.g., sign, form fill, approver, who receives completed contracts)  
  • Configurable eSignature workflow processes, such as recipient reassignment (out of office reassignment) and recalling a previous request, etc.  
  • Ability to define workflows via a no-code editor  
  • Ability to send multiple documents in a package via a single request 
“Strengths: Nitro Sign is a leading provider of eSignatures, with extensive compliance support offering direct eID integration with over 30 jurisdictions. This comes with leading functionality in the data field configuration and analytics categories, all available within best-in-class pricing tiers with minimal add-on fees.“

Substantial automation is also available for both pre- and post-execution phases supporting data transmission to common domain applications, such as CRM suites. A document generation product also supports native digital document creation to further optimize workflows.   

Further within GigaOm’s eSign software comparison, Nitro Sign also earned high scores in reporting and analytics with Nitro Analytics providing AI/ML-powered insights, visual dashboard summaries and exportable reports. Nitro offers sophisticated functionality that helps organizations with PII detection, recognizing embedded tables and even contextual routing of processes to the proper signature type based on the document and jurisdiction involved.  

High scores on scalability and security are due to our high-trust global data center strategy, extensive security provisions and tamper-proof seals at the signature level rather than the envelope. Nitro’s competitive pricing structure also scored well amongst other eSign reviews, for including advanced features even in the most affordable package tiers.   


Easy personalization and compliant built-in workflows are key enablers for today’s digitally transforming businesses. In addition to advanced features within the core eSignature functionality, Nitro helps our customers optimize their end-to-end digital experience so they can spend more time driving their business success and less time managing documents.

The future of eSigning is here. We build high-trust, flexible and secure document workflow solutions for customers around the world to feel confident their documents are safe and compliant. Nitro invests heavily in our product roadmap and delivering best-in-class functionality for workflow automation, including PDF, eSigning, analytics, identity verification services and document generation.

We are inspired by our customers and their success every day. Serving both SMB and enterprise businesses, Nitro accelerates the document experience of over 3 million licensed users and 13,000+ business customers in 157 countries, including 67% of the Fortune 500.

Read the full 2023 GigaOm Radar Report and see why Nitro Sign was named an eSignature leader in their review.

If you’d like to learn more about Nitro Sign, talk to our product experts today.