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Expert Insights: 2023 eSign Market Trends You Need to Know

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Webinar reveals the most important eSignature trends, according to GigaOm and Nitro experts.

The eSignature space is rapidly evolving. Modern businesses have shifting expectations regarding eSignature capabilities, and as a result, vendors are looking to alternative ways to fulfill these needs.

These are some of the top insights revealed in our latest on-demand webinar - 2023 eSign Market Trends.

Our panelists Bill Witter, Analyst at GigaOm, and Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer at Nitro, help you explore the current eSignature landscape so your organization can take full advantage of the benefits.

Here are a few key takeaways from the webinar.

1. The Demand for eSignature Solutions Is Rising

From small-medium businesses to larger scale enterprises, eSignatures play a big role in the way modern organizations manage their documents.

While the pandemic undoubtedly accelerated eSignature usage, GigaOm predicts that a new wave of growth is coming for the industry. More and more organizations will turn to eSignatures to help meet their digitalization goals. That’s no surprise considering the many benefits they offer, such as greater efficiency, improved user experience, global compliance, improved ROI and measurable sustainability.

Sam Thorpe explains how he sees eSignatures being adopted across expanding lines of business, providing value and use cases for departments such as finance, HR, sales and legal.


“People are definitely sold on the benefits of eSignatures, like faster turnaround times for deals and the idea of streamlining and digitizing processes.”

Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer at Nitro


2. Customers Expect End-To-End Document Experiences

While market demand grows, there’s been a notable shift in user expectations. Customers are now viewing eSignatures as part of the broader document management experience, and as a result, standalone solutions are no longer sufficient to meet their needs.

As Bill Witter explains, it's no longer a question if they should adopt eSignatures, rather what solution fulfils their requirements. As customers compare eSign software, there is a greater focus on finding a streamlined, reliable solution to support end-to-end digital workflows.


“Customers are looking for deeper integrations of the processes. More connected end-to-end processes, third party integrations, API automation and usage.”

Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer at Nitro


3. A Shift from Feature to Platform Play

To meet these evolving demands, vendors need to offer platforms and a wider range of capabilities that support end-to-end digital document experiences.

As the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for eSignatures outlines, must-haves for eSignature platforms to meet the needs of modern businesses include compliance and data protection, ease of use, flexibility to align workflows to varying levels of security, identity verification integrations to support country-specific, best-of-breed authentication methods and even instant document creation. As the marketplace evolves, vendors need to remain adaptable, with many looking at alternative ways to remain competitive.


“We see some vendors using acquisitions to absorb siloed eSignature providers into a broader platform offering.”

Bill Witter, Analyst at GigaOm


4. Identity and Compliance Will Become a Greater Focus For Organizations

More and more companies are doing business across borders, countries and regulatory landscapes—and they need to be sure their transactions are fully protected. Digital identity plays a critical role in creating secure digital document workflows, with verification methods like two factor authentication and one-time passwords providing high levels of document assurance for organizations. Sam Thorpe makes an interesting prediction that the blend of AI and analytics will help improve security and delivering high trust and compliant workflows. Watch this space!


“Higher identification will become a core focus in the coming years, in the EU, but also Australia and North America.”

Sam Thorpe, Chief Product Officer at Nitro


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