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eSigning for Accounting Professionals: How to Choose the Right Solution

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Learn how to evaluate and select the right eSign software for your accounting business.

Accountants deal with high volumes of documents and sensitive data, so it's no surprise that more and more accounting businesses are turning to eSignature software to streamline and secure their workflows.

But not every eSign solution will be the right fit for your unique business needs.

To help you assess the options, we look at five considerations for choosing a trusted eSign software.

What To Consider When Evaluating eSign Solutions

1. Stress-Free Sign Compliance

Meeting compliance and legal regulations is essential for every accounting business, no matter where you are located. When evaluating eSign solutions, be sure to check if the eSign vendor and its data centers are compliant with industry and international standards such as eIDAS, UETA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, QTSP, etc.

Do they verify controls through annual compliance testing and certifications? Are they up to date on security and compliance?

By asking these questions during your evaluation, you’ll get greater peace of mind for your business.

2. Top Security and Authentication

Your clients trust you to protect their sensitive data. By choosing a reliable eSign solution built on sophisticated security measures, you’ll show your commitment to protecting your customers and their documents.

Look for security features like end-to-end encryption, tamper-proof seals and multi-factor authentication to help you safeguard against unauthorized access and potential breaches. Audit trails provide a transparent record of each eSignature, so you can easily track document progress and get visibility into your workflows.

3. Seamless, Efficient Workflows

In the fast-paced, deadline-driven world of accounting, efficiency is key. One way to create effective document workflows for your organization is to integrate your eSign tools with other critical business systems. Quality eSign software will connect with the accounting software and applications you are already using, without disruption.

Take advantage of opportunities to do in-depth testing, so you can see which eSign solution is the right fit for your business before you commit. Exploring the option over an extended period of time will give you a good sense of how user-friendly the technology is and how likely your teams are to adopt it.

4. High Scalability and Flexibility

Your accounting organization is constantly growing. As you gain new clients or expand your contingent workforce during busy periods, you’ll need eSign software that supports your needs.

An eSign partner should make it easy for you to scale users up or down quickly and provide powerful cloud technology to everyone with a lower cost of ownership. Your team and clients will be empowered to access, sign and complete all digital financial documents from any location and device, without compromising experience and performance.

5. Extensive eSign Functionality

From financial statements to client contracts, accountants are working from an evolving list of use cases.A reliable eSign solution will offer advanced features within the core software functionality, so you know you’re prepared for every project.

An end-to-end eSign experience will make it easy for you to:

Now is the Time to Modernize Your Accounting Workflows

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