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Digital Transformation in Insurance: Modernize Your Processes

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Discover how insurance companies are using simple, secure digital document solutions like PDF and eSign to go paperless, transform their productivity and modernize their client experiences.

Almost every workflow in an insurance agency is laden with documentation. From claims processing to editing policies, insurance organizations work with hefty file loads. If your agency is still using paper, then you know how long and drawn-out these processes can be.

A successful digital transformation changes all that.

Insurance agencies are turning to solutions, like PDF and eSign to drastically reduce the time it takes to complete projects while ensuring security and compliance. These play a key role in your transformation by helping you speed up workflows, process documents more efficiently and bring your insurance business into the modern era where clients demand digital experiences.

Why the Time for Digital Transformation in Insurance Is Now
What Are the Security Risks of Digital Documentation?
Benefits of Digitalization in Insurance
Why Choose Nitro as Your Digital Transformation Partner?
Modernize Your Insurance Process with Nitro

Why the Time for Digital Transformation in Insurance Is Now

  • You can give your employees and clients the ability to securely access and eSign forms from anywhere they have an internet connection—expediting transactions and workflows. 
  • Going digital in your document strategy creates a better client experience and offers customers the experience they want.  
  • Automating manual tasks saves you time and money across the board, and your staff are no longer bogged down by waiting for paper to be delivered to their desks or tracking versions of physical files. 
  • Easily scan, capture and extract data from hard copy forms so you can upload information to your database for better security. 
  • Simplify document management by having a single digital solution for your insurance documents.
  • Improve your document security by setting tight permissions and “least privilege” access.

What Are the Security Risks of Digital Documentation?

Fortunately, very few if you choose the right provider.

While no solution—including legacy ones—are foolproof, digital documentation solution providers like Nitro have built in rigorous security and compliance practices and invested time and money into ensuring that any and all documentation that passes through our platform is protected. It’s a safer bet than sticking with paper; insurance companies that use electronic signatures and PDFs as part of their digital transformation strategy don’t have to worry about documents getting lost or damaged—or somehow making their way into the wrong hands.

Get any questions answered about security and compliance for digital insurance documents by speaking to a Nitro expert today.

Benefits of Digitalization in Insurance

Expedite Agreements and Contracts

You can use predefined templates for many types of insurance documents so you can generate contracts in minutes and have them electronically signed quickly and securely.

Giving all parties electronic access to documents in a workflow enables agreements to be signed from anywhere. You’ll accelerate form completion for claims reporting, disclosures, accident reports, change of address, renewals, cancellations and more.

Increase Document Accuracy

Manual documentation methods and paper processes involve more human touches in workflows—naturally opening doors for human errors.

The more people in a document workflow, the greater the chance some data will be wrong or missing. And with the complexity involved in many insurance forms, this often means documents have to be returned to applicants or reviewers, creating bottlenecks and drawing out completion time. Automation with solutions like PDF and eSign help to remove the chances for error in all types of insurance forms and offer guided signing workflows to help signers complete every field the first time.

Track Versions for Ensured Compliance

Digital solutions should also provide version control, so you know exactly which party made what change at what time. This version tracking helps you keep important claims and policies compliant, and it makes revision processes more efficient. There’s no more guessing as to what path a document takes, even if—as so often happens in insurance—it needs to go through customers, doctors, law enforcement, or others.

Why Choose Nitro as Your Digital Transformation Partner?

Nitro’s solutions were designed to support the high-risk, paper-heavy work of industries like insurance. We know how vigilant your security must be and how important it is to offer competitive client experiences.

Powerful APIs for Seamless Integration

Integration is a key step in any digital transformation strategy.

Nitro makes it easy to bring PDF and eSign into your existing systems, processes and applications with a wide range of supported integrations. We weave our digital document tools into your tech stack so you can easily add Nitro to the tools your team is already using.

Unparalleled Security

67% of the Fortune 500 trust Nitro and we protect the data of more than 3 million customers every day with vigilant security practices.

  • “Least privilege” is the rule for all your assets.
  • We use pragmatic, powerful security controls.
  • Security is a part of our solution design from the ground up.

You can rest assured Nitro follows insurance industry best practices to process and store all our customers’ data, and our solutions are headquartered in computing facilities that abide by industry standards such as SOC, PCI, GDPR and more. Learn more about high-trust eSigning in our Ultimate Guide to Electronic Signatures.

A No-Risk Pilot Program

Would you like to try Nitro before making a commitment? We welcome your organization to test Nitro’s PDF and eSign solutions for several weeks. Our pilot program gives you a real-world understanding of how the tools will work in your insurance agency and how we support you as your transformation partner. Our PDF, eSign, and analytics solutions all fall under one umbrella: the Nitro Productivity Platform. With this single platform, you can easily test how all Nitro tools fit into and benefit your organization.

Use Nitro to optimize on any of your insurance documents and processes:

  • CMS-1500 
  • 1095-C 
  • 1095-B 
  • UB-04 Hospital Insurance 
  • 1095-A 
  • Claims reporting forms 
  • Coverage selection forms 
  • Disclosures 
  • Accident reports 
  • Medical release authorizations 
  • Total loss forms 
  • Change of address 
  • Renewal and cancellations 
  • Bill presentment 

Change Management and Support

Our customers say that our support is unique in the digital document industry, and we’ve designed our business model that way. We believe customer support should be an integral part of every digital transformation strategy and tailor our support to match your needs, offering robust change management expertise so your team is well-prepared to adopt these technologies and maximize their use.

Clear ROI with Analytics

Nitro’s Analytics ensures your organization can see how you’re using PDF and eSign tools in addition to helping you optimize adoption and improve performance of the solution. By capturing data, you can track usage across Nitro products, remove bottlenecks and automatically calculate savings. You’ll be able to prove ROI of Nitro solutions and demonstrable productivity.

Modernize Your Insurance Process with Nitro

To learn more about Nitro and how we help you get more out of your document solutions, download our free eBook.

We’d love to learn about your organization’s goals and needs. Get in touch today to see a demo of our solutions and learn how we can help.