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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade From a Free PDF Reader

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Wondering if it’s time for a real PDF editor? It’s true you get what you pay for. If you answer yes to any of these questions—it’s time to move beyond your free PDF reader.

Have you ever been frustrated when you can’t do what you need to with your documents in a PDF reader?

Whether you’re an individual or a small business owner, there comes a time when you need to do more than just look at or print documents.

Free PDF readers come with limitations and are not able to perform basic functions like:

  • Make any edits to the contents of a document 
  • Apply a signature to a document 
  • Convert to a different file format 
  • Combine or extract pages 
  • Add annotations and notes 
  • Secure a document with password protection or encryption 

These are just a handful of features most people need these days—at home, at school and at work.

Here are some common signs it’s time for a real PDF editor like Nitro PDF Pro.

1. Do you ever need to edit text or sign a PDF document?

The occasions where you need to make changes to a PDF document probably come up far more often than you’d like. Here are some examples:

  • Contract signing: Electronically signing a contract or agreement is far easier and faster than printing, signing, scanning and mailing or emailing back. Accepting a job offer? Signing a new lease? Buying a home? Onboarding a new supplier at work? With Nitro PDF Pro’s QuickSign tool, it’s super…you guessed it…quick. Learn more about the easy way to manage contract signing with Nitro.
  • Accounting and tax forms: Whether you are filing taxes or working with an accounting professional for your small business, it’s so much easier to work with electronic documents from fillable forms to small business financial reports. Nitro PDF Pro gives you the freedom to customize your PDFs and, most importantly, secure your private data and files with password-protection, redaction and encryption. Watch our quick tutorial videos on ways to secure your PDF documents.
  • Organizing documents: Managing relationships with vendors. Managing a school or work project. Managing a household. A PDF editor allows you to combine files and documents, convert files from other formats into PDFs and vice versa, extract pages from PDF documents and much more. Want more ways to organize your computer and files with PDFs? Check out our blog with some great tips

Nitro also has one of the fastest OCR engines in the market so you can turn any scanned document into an editable PDF. It’s one of the favorite features of PDF Pro users. See how it works!

2. Do you ever need to collaborate with others on edits to a PDF document?

Any sort of document collaboration, whether for a school project or a team project or even with an external partner, usually involves multiple people working on the same document at different times. That sort of document workflow is very difficult to accomplish without a quality PDF editing platform.

A full-scale editor like Nitro PDF Pro allows users to:

  • Share PDFs
  • Add annotations and highlights
  • Easily make text edits
  • Redact and whiteout text
  • Add watermarks
  • Add images
  • Sign PDF documents securely
  • Protect with a password

And more, all while preserving the document’s integrity and formatting. These tools help streamline the collaboration process, making it easier to get any project across the finish line.

3. Do you ever wish you could simply get stuff done faster?

Unless you just aren’t a fan of saving time, a real PDF editing program is an easy way to get more done. A full-blown, feature-rich PDF editor like Nitro PDF Pro contains a multitude of features designed to help save time for users. Immediately recognizable features like editing documents, converting and combining files and adding signatures scratch the surface. But more advanced capabilities really provide the bang for the money.

Say you’re frequently converting documents to or from PDF. Nitro PDF Pro allows you to set up a batch processing function that can handle many files at once, saving you the time and effort of manually converting each file.

Similarly, templates can be used for commonly used forms or documents. Setting up templated files will save time in manual document construction and editing. Short on time? Grab one of our free PDF templates!

Or try Nitro PDF Pro FREE for 14-days! No credit card required. No BS.

4. Do you ever need to secure your documents or private information?

It’s a scary world out there with cybercrime and fraud at an all-time high. Free readers don’t enable you to protect your private and/or personal information. However, Nitro PDF Pro gives you several options and layers of protection as part of our software.

  • Password protection allows you to restrict copying and editing 
  • Watermarking prevents document tampering 
  • Redaction protects sensitive information from being viewed or extracted by others 
  • Encryption features protect your data even further 

All of this comes with your Nitro PDF Pro license.

5. Do you ever want peace of mind from paperwork?

Nobody likes paperwork and the stress that comes with too much of it. Maybe the most priceless benefit of all in upgrading from a free reader to a feature-rich PDF editing program is peace of mind.

Go paperless and work with PDFs, and the next time you need to quickly mark up a document, add a signature or fill out a form, you’ve got all the tools you could ever need. You will no longer be left scrambling or worried you can’t meet a deadline or requirement.

Still not convinced to spend your hard-earned money on PDF software? With Nitro PDF Pro, you buy it once and own it forever.

Seriously! Whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, you get one program packed with features from beginner to advanced that can scale with the needs of you and your team.

Transform Your Work With Nitro

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