Nitro Software, Inc.(“Nitro”) uses certain subprocessors to assist in providing our Services. We use service providers that may store and process personal data about you and your end users (each, a "Sub-Processor"). Learn more about Nitro subprocessors.
Trust Center - Subprocessors and Subcontrators

What is a Subprocessor?

A Sub-processor is a data processor engaged by Nitro who has or potentially will have access to or process personal data when you are using our services. Nitro engages different types of Sub-processors to perform various functions as explained below. Such services provided by the Sub-processors we engage are essential for making available all functionalities of the services we offer.
When Nitro would engage a new Subprocessor?

When Nitro would engage a new Subprocessor?

Clients who signed Nitro’s Data Processing Agreement will be notified by Nitro in case the Sub-processor Listing is being updated, aligned with the procedures included in the Data Processing Agreement.

Nitro undertakes to update this Sub-processors’ Listing regularly to enable its Clients to stay informed of the scope of sub-processing activities associated with our services.

In the event a new material Sub-processor is onboarded by Nitro in respect of the service the Client is using, the Client will be notified within reasonable timing before such new Sub-processor will have access to the Client’s personal data. A notification will be send to the Client’s contact person indicated in the Data Processing Agreement, and the present Sub-processor Listing will be updated (and made available for online access via this webpage).

Global Subprocessors

This section provides important information about the identity, location, and role of material Sub-Processors. Terms used on this page but not defined have the meaning set forth in our Terms of Service agreement (the "Agreement").

The following table identifies the Subprocessors used by Nitro, the function that may be provided, and the location where such subprocessing activities are performed.

Oracle AmericaBillingUnited States
Salesforce.comCustomer Relationship Management Nitro Customer SupportUnited States & Germany
MarketoMarketing ToolUnited States
GoogleAnalytics, RecaptchaUnited States
StripePayment ProcessingUnited States
Microsoft OfficeInfrastructureUnited States
CyberSourcePayment ProcessingUnited States
IntercomCustomer CommunicationUnited States
GongCall RecordingUnited States
SalesloftCustomer Relationship ManagementUnited States
SlackCollaboration and Communication United States
PaddleMOR and Payment Processing (MAC)United States

Product infrastructure Subprocessors

This section provides the listing of infrastructure subprocessors for the products we offer.

  • Nitro Productivity Pro
  • Nitro Sign – Essentials & Advanced
  • Nitro Analytics
Amazon Web ServicesInfrastructureUnited States and Germany

  • Connective eSignatures
  • Connective Digital Signing Service
  • Connective Validation Service
  • Connective Identity Services
  • Connective Identity Hub
  • Connective Smart Documents

By default the above services are hosted via Microsoft Azure in co-location facilities in Europe. Depending on your specific set-up, other hosting providers or locations can be in scope as well.

Microsoft AzureCloud Service ProviderThe Netherlands and Ireland

Otp Subprocessors

  • Connective eSignatures
  • Connective Smart Documents

Depending on the functionalities activated on your Connective eSignatures or Smart Documents environment, the following Sub-processors are engaged to ensure all functionalities within Connective eSignatures are available.

NameFunctionLocation*SMS OTP signing method: SMS Gateway sending SMS messagesThe Netherlands
Tripolis*+Email OTP signing: Email Gateway, mailing service providerThe Netherlands
iDINIdentification via the Dutch iDIN schemeThe Netherlands
CriiptoIntermediary party related to the Nordics Identity SchemesDenmark
MTarget**SMS OTP Signing Method: SMS Gateway sending SMS messagesFrance
Amazon Web Services *SMS and email OTPUnites States, Germany

* If you subscribed to Nitro Sign Premium via one of the other Nitro Group entities, email OTP signing might be performed by Notarius and SMS OTP signing by Amazon Web Services.

** MTarget is currently not applicable in case of a default set-up and will only be in scope in case of specific demands of the client.

+ Only OTP service provider for Connective Smart Documents.

Timestamping and certification Subprocessors

The following third parties for offering timestamping services and issuing certificates for:

  • Nitro Sign – Essential and Advanced
Remote hash signing and timestampingNotarius will be applied for customers signed up to Nitro Sign Essential and Advanced

Connective eSignatures and Connective Digital Signing Service engages third parties for offering timestamping services and issuing certificates. These parties are by default not considered a Sub-processor to Nitro. In this respect, we might engage the following certificate authorities and timestamping providers:

  • Connective eSignatures
  • Connective Digital Signing Service
CertignaIssuing of RGS/eIDAS certificates and timestamping servicesRGS/eIDAS European Union Trusted Lists (EUTL)
CamerfirmaIssuing of eIDAS certificates and timestamping services
GlobalSignIssuing of certificateseIDAS European Union Trusted Lists (EUTL)Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL)
BE-YSIssuing of certificates (only for specific client set-ups)eIDAS European Union Trusted Lists (EUTL), ISO 27001
NotariusRemote hash signing and timestampingNotarius will only be applied for customers signed up to Nitro Sign Premium

Third party data controllers

The following third party data controllers may process (personal) data to ensure all functionalities are available for purchasing of Nitro PDF Pro Licenses and Nitro Sign Subscriptions.

Entity NamePurposeLocation
CleverbridgeMerchant of Record (MOR), Payment ProcessingGermany
PaddleMerchant of Record (MOR), Payment Processing (MAC)United States

The following third party data controllers may process (personal) data to ensure all functionalities are available when using Connective eSignatures. These parties are not considered a Sub-processor to Connective but qualify as a separate data controller as per the activities they perform. Please note several of these third party data controllers are only applicable in case you are using specific functionalities within Connective eSignatures.

Entity NamePurposeCertifications
Belgian Mobile ID (itsme® Services)Provisioning of itsme® Services (for identification, authentication and e-signing)Qualified Trust Service Provider, ISO 27001
Finnish Trust Network *Provisioning of services related to the Finnish Trust Network
Nem ID / MitID *Provisioning of services related to Nem ID/MitID
Norwegian Bank ID *Provisioning of services related to Norwegian Bank ID
Swedish Bank ID *Provisioning of services related to Swedish Bank ID
Swisscom *+Provisioning of Swisscom Signing ServiceQualified Trust Service Provider, ISO 27001
Electronic ID **Provisioning of video identification servicesISO 27001, QTSP

* Applicable only for Connective eSignatures
** Applicable only for Connective Identity Hub
+ Applicable only in EU


The following entities are members of Nitro Group Companies:

Nitro Group Member NameCountry
Nitro Software EMEA LimitedIreland
Nitro Software LimitedAustralia
Nitro Software Canada LimitedCanada
Connective NVBelgium
Nitro IncUnited States