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On-demand Webinar: Why Now is the Time to Save on PDF Costs

Why Now is the Time to Save on PDF Costs

At Nitro, we understand that IT budgets are under more pressure than ever before; often forcing you to restrict license counts to prevent spiraling costs.

Find out how Mace Group, global experts in shaping the built environment, switched to Nitro PDF solutions to save costs and increase user licenses. Watch our webinar with Ian Steere, Digital Business Partner at Mace Group, to learn:

  • Why now is the right time to reconsider your PDF vendor contract
  • 7 considerations when assessing PDF vendor options
  • Why Mace Group decided to switch PDF vendor and the success criteria they used
  • How Mace Group limited change disruption to their users in partnership with Nitro

We believe that PDF productivity should be available to every user who needs it, at costs more suited to your IT budget - and hope you can watch now to learn how.

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