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The Ultimate Guide to Online Document Sharing

Document Sharing

So you’ve created a PDF document and you’d like to share it with others, request a signature, or maybe even collaborate with internal or external stakeholders. What’s your next move?

First, ensure your document has been saved. Then log into Nitro Cloud. If you don’t have an account, setting one up is easy, just follow the simple steps here.

For Nitro Pro 10 users:

If you’re using Nitro Pro 10, logging in is even easier with the sign in buttons on the top right hand corner of your navigation ribbon.


Once you’re logged in, you can initiate any one of three Nitro Cloud workflows, right from your Nitro Pro 10 application. Options include:

  1. Request a signature for quick, secure eSigning on the go
  2. Share your document with others online
  3. Collaborate online with others

1. Request Signature:


Requesting a signature will allow you to get a quick and easy, secure eSignature from anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. The process is simple once you follow a few easy steps.

  • With your document open in Nitro Pro, click on the ‘request signature’ icon on the navigation bar. You’ll be prompted to upload your document to Nitro Cloud to initiate the signing workflow.
  • From there, designate who needs to sign the document. Simply insert their name and email address (or yours, if you also need to sign); you can add as many signers as you’d like. You can also give non-signers insight into the workflow by adding them on CC, and they’ll be notified when the document is signed.
  • If you need more than one signature, click the ‘set the signing order’ checkbox to assign the order in which people will receive the document to sign; then click ‘continue’.
  • Next, drag and drop the various fields the signer will need to complete (signature, date, name, initials, title, etc.) to the appropriate place on the document. For signature fields, you’ll be given the option to include a timestamp for added security. When all fields have been placed, click ‘continue’.
  • Now it’s time to create your message. A template is available to use, or you may create a custom note. You can also elect to save the workflow, if it’s one you utilize regularly (like for contracts, employee onboarding documents, etc.).
  • Finally, to send the request to all designated parties, click on ‘request signature’. You will be notified via email when each person views and signs the document.

2. Share:

Document sharing allows you to share files online and is much like requesting a signature; however, the process has a few less steps. By clicking on the ‘share’ icon on the navigation bar in Nitro Pro, you’ll initiate the document upload to Nitro Cloud so you can share it. You will then be presented with two options:

  • Share with anyone with a link. This option provides a public link that can be shared with anyone.
  • Share with specific people. To utilize this option, simply type your contacts’ email address, customize you message and press send. The document will be instantly sent and your contact will receive a link in their inbox informing them that the document has been shared with them.

3. Collaborate:

Collaborating online with others will enable you to track all document actions and interactions so that the original author has the visibility as to the status of the file at any time. This method also ensures that collaborators are always working on the right version of the document at the right stage of a project.

Select ‘collaborate’ from the Nitro Pro home tab. Like both functions we’ve reviewed, you’ll be prompted to upload your document to Nitro Cloud to enable others to collaborate on it with you. You will be presented with two options:

  • You can start collaborating by adding markup, comments, and indicating requested changes
  • Invite others to collaborate on the document. Specify the email address of the people you would like to invite, then customize your message as you wish and send. Once the collaborator receives the document they will be able to use Nitro Cloud to edit and mark up the document and return it to you. It’s important to note that your collaborators do not need a Nitro Cloud account to be able to do this.

With all of these options, you are informed every step of the way as to the status of the document, for example, when the recipient views the document, you will be sent an email informing you of this, likewise if they have signed, shared or collaborated you will be kept informed by email.

It’s as simple as that.

To upload through Nitro Cloud:

Uploading through Nitro Cloud is easy. First off make sure you are signed in to your account on

Once you’re on the Home screen, simply click on the Add New Document button:

A dialog box will appear where you can drag and drop your file, otherwise you can use the traditional file browser to locate the file on your computer. Nitro Cloud also integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box, so you could also import a file from those solutions.

The file will then be uploaded to your account, and you’ll be prompted to choose a workflow for your document:

Follow the steps above for request signature, share and collaborate.

You will notice that with Nitro Cloud there is are two additional capabilities; approve and convert.

  • Approve: This option can be used to send a document to a person who you are working with, or who oversees the project, as a means to approve the changes in a document. You can also use this option to confirm your approval. For approval you will be presented with two options:
  • Convert: Just like it sounds, this option can be used to convert and export to various other formats including Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

Try all the features and workflows of Nitro Cloud yourself by signing up for a free account. To experience the desktop-to-cloud workflows using Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud, download a free 14-day trial.

Think your whole team could benefit from this one-two punch of Nitro? We can set a group of people up with a team trial—just click here to let us know you’re interested.