Minimize Printing to Maximize Returns

By measurably decreasing printing and going paperless, you can save a significant amount of time, money, and physical resources—making your business sustainable in every way.

The Problem

Unnecessary waste

While wasting resources is universally acknowledged as a detriment to be avoided, few organizations are aware of how much their business truly wastes every day—from money and employee time to physical resources. By examining core, repeatable processes, we can quantify which habits should be overhauled to advance efficiency and sustainable practices.

The EPA estimates that the average knowledge worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year.

Employees waste over 4 hours every week completing paper-based tasks.1

Two in five office workers believe productivity levels would exponentially increase if they replaced paper with digital tools.1

1 “Nitro Knowledge Worker Study,” November 2017.

The Nitro Solution

Print reduction

Since printing and paper usage are a leading cause of unnecessary cost, waste, and inefficiency, organizations should focus on minimizing printing at every opportunity. By replacing printing with more sustainable paperless workflows, your business can accomplish these pivotal goals:

Save money

Eliminate printing-related expenditures like paper, ink, toner, and machine maintenance to significantly cut costs and make more room for business-critical budget needs.

Become more sustainable

In addition to attracting socially conscious employees and clients, reducing your environmental impact will help your organization do its part to preserve valuable natural resources.

Increase productivity

Print minimization helps eliminate a significant bottleneck from daily processes, which enables employees to stop wasting time and losing focus while freeing IT to handle more important tasks than printer maintenance.

Gain insights

Replace antiquated printing with modern tools to benefit from the viewing analytics and updates that an entirely digital workflow provides.

Learn more about gaining insights with Nitro Analytics™

Now that we have the right tool, we need to start to change the mindset—moving from printing out paper and writing on it, to digitally marking up documents, digitally signing documents and moving into a digital document ecosystem—Nitro does that for us and we are excited about the roadmap moving forward.”

Andrew Clowes, CIO Australia and New Zealand
JLL Australia

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Equipping every user in your organization with Nitro’s PDF productivity and eSignature tools will drive significant print reduction. Contact us to learn more.

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