Extend the Power of Electronic Signatures to Your Entire Organization

Accelerate sales cycles, advance workflows, reduce risk, and lower costs by empowering every knowledge worker across your business with the tools to eSign.

The Problem

The paper-based office

While there’s been a surge in electronic signatures in recent years, organizations have yet to harness the full benefits of eSigning for every knowledge worker.

The percentage of employees who have access to eSignature tools.

The amount of printing caused solely by the need to sign a document.

The percentage of signatures that still happen with pen and ink.

The number of hours per employee per week that’s wasted due to the inefficient cycle of printing, signing, and scanning.

The Nitro Solution

eSigning for All™

Available at a fraction of the cost of other eSignature tools, Nitro Sign can empower every knowledge worker in your organization with unlimited electronic signatures. By equipping every department with the power to eSign, you can:

Reduce costs

Eliminate the expensive costs of printing, paper, postage, and filing by replacing outdated paper-based processes with more efficient digital workflows.

Lower risk

Given that electronic signatures are legally binding, you can improve security and compliance with audit trails and electronic records.

Save time

Slash document return time by digitizing processes, providing a simpler way to sign documents, and gaining activity insights throughout every stage of signature collection.

Minimize errors

Remove manual steps from the process to streamline workflows and mitigate the risk of human error.

Increase office space

Reduce the need for space-consuming filing cabinets and other office storage due to a decrease in printing, manual signing, and filing.

Improve relationships

By offering an easier, more modern way to complete common workflows, your customers, employees, and suppliers can enjoy a better, more efficient experience from start to finish.

How Nitro Sign powers lightweight eSignature workflows across every department

From sales and support to marketing and operations, every team can benefit from standardized eSignature tools.


  • Order processing
  • Account provisioning
  • Sales comp plans
  • Reseller agreements
  • Terms & conditions

EX/Human Resources

  • New hire paperwork
  • Policy acceptance
  • Contractor documents
  • Payroll & PTO forms
  • Exit checklist


  • NDAs
  • Contracts
  • Internal compliance
  • Board documents
  • Patent applications


  • Purchase orders
  • Invoice processing
  • Expense reporting
  • Audit sign-off
  • Policy management


  • Account changes
  • Service orders
  • Term changes
  • Compliance
  • Cancel requests


  • Purchase orders
  • Statements of work
  • Master agreements
  • RFP sign-off
  • Supplier compliance


  • Event registration
  • Communication approvals
  • Brand compliance
  • Asset approvals
  • Vendor approvals


  • Asset tracking
  • Change requests
  • Order fulfillment
  • Access management
  • Change authorization


  • Front desk sign-in
  • Work orders
  • License agreements
  • Move requests
  • Security access