April 28, 2021 05:26 AM
Bookmarks are displayed in the Bookmarks pane, which appears to the left of the document area.
April 28, 2021 05:24 AM
The bookmarks in Nitro Pro work much like the bookmarks you place in paper books-they allow you to retain links to particular pages in a document for quicker access, as well other actions, such as:
April 15, 2021 02:27 AM
Nitro Pro comes with a complete set of tools for editing, ordering, grouping, altering the appearance of, and deleting the bookmarks in your PDF documents.
April 12, 2021 05:24 PM
You can create bookmarks by selecting text on a page and making it a bookmark, or by adding an untitled bookmark and then setting and naming it in the Bookmarks pane.
April 12, 2021 05:12 PM
The Auto Build Bookmarks feature can totally automate the creation of bookmarks in your PDFs, and with very little effort greatly enhance the usability of the PDFs you publish. Use it to auto-generate bookmarks based on the font styles (headings, chapters, etc.) and the layout used in your PDFs. You can also use it to build bookmarks based on the textual and numerical content of the PDF files by using the text masking and wildcards features.
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