End-to-end transformatie van digitale documenten: begin met de juiste oplossing

The decision to ditch inefficient, costly, paper-based processes for digital contracts, agreements, and approvals is a no-brainer, but standardizing digital tools is challenging and even more so in a remote-work world.


New research from GigaOm analyses the functionality and capabilities of industry-leading eSignature and PDF solution providers and how well they meet the broader demands of an organization looking to digitize document processes. Compare and evaluate real-world business use cases and get the latest on:

  • Price efficiency
  • Adoption (operating system preference, UI and UX, and integrations)
  • Environmental impact
  • En meer

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End-to-end transformatie van digitale documenten

In nieuw onderzoek door GigaOm worden de functies en mogelijkheden van vooraanstaande eHandtekening en PDF-oplossingen vergeleken en onder de loep genomen.
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