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How Can You Use Microsoft Word and Nitro Together?


Over a million companies worldwide use Microsoft 365, and more than half of those are in the United States. Maybe your organization is one of them.

Over a million companies worldwide use Microsoft 365, and more than half of those are in the United States. Maybe your organization is one of them. If so, did you know all the different types of documents you can create with Microsoft Word?

In fact, if you haveNitro PDF Pro, you can create and edit different types of documents, making file sharing and editing incredibly easy. Nitro’s PDF creator, for example, gives you the ability to convert Word documents (as well as Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks) to PDF, maintaining links, visuals, and formatting. Conversely, you can use Nitro Pro to convert a PDF file back into a Word document to simplify editing. You can do the same with Excel and PowerPoint.

Read on for more tips on different documents you can create with Microsoft Word and Nitro.

Word documents created in Nitro for work

You don’t need to have a professional designer on staff in order to create customized company documentsto share with colleagues and clients. Did you know Microsoft Word has thousands of templates to help you create documents for work? Among the template offerings are:

  • Invoices
  • Newsletters
  • Reports
  • White papers

After you’ve created any of the above in Word, you can use Nitro Pro to easily convert them to PDFs that any of your contacts or clients can review and open on any PDF software (even if it’s not Nitro!). Plus, Nitro gives you the option of adding custom elements to your documents, including watermarks, bookmarks, and even eSignatures.

Beyond applying your own eSignature to your PDF, you can build an entire eSignature workflow—using the Nitro Sign plugin for Microsoft Word. Accessing the Nitro Sign plugin is as simple as going to Plugins and searching for “Nitro”. Let’s say you’ve written up a contract in Word that you need a client to sign. Here’s how you do it in a matter of seconds:


  1. Open your Word document in Nitro Sign.
  2. Then click “send via Nitro Sign.”
  3. Nitro Sign then automatically uploads the document, converts it to a PDF, and you send it to your contact.

Yep, it’s that easy!

Word documents for planning

There are other cool and useful documents you can create with Word to make planning at work or at home easier:


Microsoft Word offers dozens of calendar templates, or you can create your own. From a blank Word document, merely insert a table that is seven columns wide and five or six rows long to create your own custom monthly calendar.


Word makes it super simple to create lists, whether it’s your to-do list for work or your grocery shopping list. To start a list, just type a number like “1” with a period, or select custom bullet points from the Format menu. Word will automatically format your list for you, and when your list is complete and you’d like to go back to normal formatting, just hit Enter twice.

Word documents for personal use

There are all kinds of different documents you can create with Microsoft Word. You can design personalized stationary and greeting cards, or stand out from competitors with a custom resume.

Greeting Cards

Want to create an extra special birthday card for your grandmother or best friend? Open a blank Word document, select “landscape” mode, and then select “two columns” from the Format menu. On the right side of the first page, design the cover of your card. On the left side of the second page, include your customized greeting for inside the card. Print the two pages double-sided on cardstock paper and voila, you’ve just become a greeting card designer.


Design your own custom letterhead or stationary by selecting and inserting one of Microsoft Word’s many frame templates into a blank Word document. Then you can customize it with your own images, fonts, and watermarks. If you’re not feeling too creative on your own, just pick one of Word’s many stationary and letterhead templates to use.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Microsoft Word has dozens of templates for resumes and cover letters to give your curriculum vitae its own custom look. Then, if you want to send it to your prospective employer electronically, just use Nitro Sign to quickly convert it to a PDF anyone can open and review.

Want to know what other templates and documents you can create using Microsoft Word with Nitro Pro?

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