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3 Reasons to Gain Your Independence From Adobe


If you grew up in the United States, chances are you’ve spent hours learning about the motivations and events that led to the American Revolution. The stories of “Paul Revere’s Ride” and the “shot heard ‘round the world” were presented as hero’s tales, exalting the Founding Fathers and others to near deities. However, aside from any bias, the causes of the American Revolution can be boiled down to a simple story: people were being unfairly governed and they couldn’t take it anymore.

Across the world, IT professionals are echoing the same sentiment about Adobe® Acrobat®, the leading PDF solution. From unexpected audits to insane prices, Adobe is the King George III of the document productivity software world, and IT professionals have had enough. Many—over 500,000 companies, in fact—have decided to gain their independence from Adobe by switching to Nitro. Here are 3 revolutionary reasons why you should too:


1.      No Sweat Compliance – The Quartering Act

Meant to quell the unrest that was spreading throughout the American colonies after the Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament passed The Quartering Act of 1774 requiring colonials to house British troops. This meant that without any notice, the governor could order a citizen to quarter and feed British soldiers. Not only did this severely inconvenience colonials, but it also served as an omnipresent watch dog for the British government.

This same distasteful intrusion is being carried out by Adobe in the form of unusually frequent audits. These audits can be so expensive and such a productivity killer for companiesthat Gartner Research thought it necessary to publish a guide on how to survive one. This guide is vital for any Adobe user, as Adobe maintains the right to audit companies (even those without an enterprise-level contract) and will provide notice just 7 days in advance (sound familiar?). These audits are often meant to capitalize on the mistakes of customers and display the same sort of tyrannical power structure that helped lead to the American Revolution.

At Nitro, we trust our customers and believe in the symbiotic relationship between customer and vendor. It’s for these reasons that we don’t conduct surprise audits or administer penalty fees for exceeded agreements. Instead, we do simple quarterly true-ups to ensure our customers have all the licenses they need, whether your company has 11 licenses or 1,000. No sweat required. No strings attached.

2.      We’ve Got Your Back – “No Taxation Without Representation”

“No taxation, without representation” is a slogan that encapsulated the frustration felt among the colonies due to increased taxes and harsher laws without any direct representation in the British Parliament. According to colonial scholars, The Quartering Act of 1774 and The Townshend Revenue Act, violated their “Rights of Englishmen,” which allows any citizen (limited to white males at the time) basic civil rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights. All that the colonials wanted was the protections guaranteed to them by the British Parliament.

Apart from the ever-present fear of an Adobe audit, the customer service that Adobe provides exemplifies the same disregard for the “rights” guaranteed to customers in their Service-Level Agreement. Horror stories documenting lack of responses, errors in chat functions, and downright rude customer service representatives can be found all over the internet, such as this one that compiles 130 of these negative reviews. Adobe clearly took a page from the British Parliament when they decided to not uphold the standard of service guaranteed to their customers.

At Nitro, we have your back. We understand what it’s like to answer IT help desk tickets—that’s why we offer 24-hour customer support to all our users, from enterprise to single-license users. On top of our comprehensive community forum, our Customer Service and Success team wastes no time in answering support tickets with an average response time of 1.8 hours, so you can receive support anytime, anywhere. We also stick to the guarantees promised in our contracts, which is exemplified in our 95% customer satisfaction rating. While Adobe may see customers as subjects, we see customers as partners and we work hard to maximize productivity on both ends.

3.      Smart Savings – The Townshend Revenue Act


The Townshend Revenue Act levied taxes on necessary British imports such as paint, oil, lead, paper, and tea in an effort to pay for increased administration of the colonies. The British Parliament looked to raise over £40,000 per year with this Act, which is today’s equivalent of almost £90,000,000 or over $140,000,000, for a population of 214,000 people. These exorbitant prices on necessary imports made a revolution not only wanted, but also needed.

Adobe recognizes that every company needs document productivity software, so as the biggest name in the game they offer their Acrobat Pro for quite the pretty penny: $449.99 per license. Not only do you have to worry about the monetary and productivity costs of frequent audits and poor customer service, but you have to pay a small fortune to elect into those ‘services.’ This is especially hard for SMBs that don’t have the luxury of millions/billions in revenue to spend on IT solutions, much less noncompliance fees.

But what if I told you that you could get all the functionality you needed from a document productivity solution for almost a third of the cost of Adobe Acrobat Pro? Nitro PDF Pro , offered at only $179.99 (that’s 2.81 Nitro PDF Pro licenses for every 1 Acrobat license), is complete with all the functionality for your document productivity needs. From top-notch OCR technology to batch processing, you can supercharge your document workflows without breaking your budget. On top of the lower price tag, we offer a Volume Licensing Program for purchases of 11 licenses or more, which saves companies money and time in deployment.

If you’re looking to gain your independence from Adobe, or just want to maximize your productivity, then try out Nitro PDF Pro for free. If you’re not completely convinced yet, then download our whitepaper with 4 more reasons why you should ditch Adobe and switch to Nitro PDF Pro.