5Stappen om een invulbare PDF te maken zonder Acrobat®

Nitro Pro-tekstveld

U hebt waarschijnlijk tientallen (zo niet honderden) invulbare PDF-formulieren ingevuld om transacties op het werk en thuis te voltooien. Kun je het zelfs doen zonder een tool als Acrobat® te gebruiken? Het antwoord is een volmondig JA.

You’ve likely filled out dozens (if not hundreds) of fillable PDF forms to complete transactions at work and at home. Maybe you’ve wondered how to make a fillable PDF form without Acrobat® yourself. Can you even do it without using a tool like Acrobat®? The answer is a resounding YES.

What is a fillable PDF form?

First things first: You don’t need any kind of PDF-editor software to fill out a fillable PDF form. Any fillable PDF form that opens in a PDF viewer can be filled out without having to print and scan. Fillable PDFs can save tons of paper as well as the hassle of scanning documents to send. So, wouldn’t you like your organization to have the capability to make PDF files with fillable forms?

How to make a fillable PDF form without Acrobat®

There are a lot of affordable options for businesses and individuals to create fillable forms without Acrobat® legacy software. Among them is Nitro Pro, which not only provides you the capability to make a PDF form fillable but to convert other forms (say forms made in Microsoft Word or Excel) or even scanned forms into a form fillable PDF.

To make a PDF form fillable using Nitro PDF Pro, follow these easy steps:

1. Open your document in Nitro PDF Pro.

2. Next click the Forms tab.

3. Then if you want to create a fillable form for text, select the Text Field option and drag and drop your cursor to where you want your fillable form to be. (You can right click the field to open a Properties menu to create special features for your form field.

Nitro Pro-tekstveld

4. You can create additional fillable fields with the Make Copies option in your Properties ribbon.

Copy multiple form fields

5. If you want to make a PDF file with fillable forms that dropdown, use the Combo Box button from the Forms tab, and drag and drop your cursor as you did with Step 3 above.

Group a selection of combo boxes into a dropdown menu

6. You can then right click again for the Properties box to open, and create the various dropdown options you’d like for the fillable form field.

You can also use the QuickSign® tool in Nitro Pro to add your own eSignature to a form. Or use Nitro Sign to upload a fillable form you create and request a eSignature from colleagues, clients, or vendors.

Het verschil dat Nitro maakt

If you’re looking to replace Acrobat® with a more cost effective solution, Nitro can help. Many companies have made the switch to Nitro PDF Pro to boost productivity for employees. With an MS Office-like format, the interface is familiar and easy to navigate from the start.

Want to experience the Nitro difference for yourself? Try Nitro PDF Pro free for 14 days, and you’ll find yourself doing a lot more than making PDF fillable forms.

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