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About Nitro

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A global leader in document productivity, Nitro helps the world work smarter with documents. As the first and leading replacement for Adobe® Acrobat®, we’re the only enterprise-grade PDF solution that allows users to quickly and easily create, edit, convert, sign, and share documents on any device.

By equipping teams with best-in-class document solutions, we help businesses increase productivity, improve document security, and reduce printing needs. As a result, more than 650,000 businesses—including over half of the Fortune 500—rely on Nitro every day.

Founded in Australia in 2005, Nitro’s roots now span across the globe with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Dublin, Ireland and Melbourne, Australia. For more information on our team and the Nitro difference, visit

About Nitro Pro

Whether you need to say a lot or a little, these snippets describe our award-winning product, Nitro Pro.

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As the leading alternative to Adobe® Acrobat®, Nitro Pro empowers businesses with the ability to easily create, edit, convert, sign, and share documents anytime, anywhere.

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As the leading alternative to Adobe® Acrobat®, Nitro Pro is the only enterprise-grade document productivity solution that empowers businesses to easily create, edit, convert, sign, and share documents anytime, anywhere. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful editing and workflow features, Nitro Pro is the smarter way to PDF.

100 WORD:
As the leading alternative to Adobe® Acrobat®, Nitro Pro is the only enterprise-grade document productivity solution that empowers businesses to easily create, edit, convert, sign, and share documents anytime, anywhere. With a familiar Office-style user interface and powerful document editing and workflow features, Nitro Pro is the choice that IT departments prefer and employees love. From PDF creation, conversion, editing, and review, to the ability to collaborate, eSign, and work from any web browser, Nitro’s best-in-class solutions accelerate digital transformation and enable every knowledge worker across the organization to increase productivity, improve document security, and reduce printing and paper consumption.

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Meet Milo

Paying homage to our Aussie roots, Milo is Nitro’s fearless wombat mascot. He can speak for himself but typically works best when paired with text. Please reserve any additional artistic renderings for the annual Best Dressed Milo competition.

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Press releases

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Melbourne-founded Nitro secures $19.7 million as it enters next major growth phase

Appeared in SmartCompany on April 4th, 2017

The investment brings Nitro’s total funding raised to more than $US35 million ($46 million) since it launched back in 2005. Sydney-based Alium Capital and Regal Funds Management also participated in its latest round.

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Nitro raises US$15 million Series C round led by Battery Ventures

Appeared in Startup Daily on April 4th, 2017

Nitro, the Melbourne-founded, San Francisco-based document productivity startup, has raised US$15 million ($19.7 million) in a Series C round led by existing backer Battery Ventures, with participation from local investors Regal Funds Management and Alium Capital.

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Australian 'Adobe challenger' Nitro has scored $US15 million of series C funding

Appeared in Business Insider Australia on April 4th, 2017

An Australian-born startup that’s declared itself as the main challenger to Adobe Acrobat has wrapped up $US15 million in series C funding.

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Our leadership

The big-picture thinkers that guide and inspire us.

Sam Chandler

Founder & CEO

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Sam Chandler

Founder & CEO

Sam started his first company at 16, while still in high school, and his second at 21, while attending university. After founding Nitro with several friends in Melbourne in 2005, the once-tiny startup has gone on to become a Silicon Valley success story. Today, Sam leads a team of over 200 Nitronauts across the US, Australia, Europe and Asia, and every month, millions of people in nearly 200 countries use Nitro products.

Sam was the Ernst and Young Australian Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014. He's on a permanent leave of absence from Melbourne's RMIT University, where he studied business, after moving to San Francisco to establish Nitro's global headquarters. On the weekends, depending on the weather and the season, you’ll typically find him motorcycling, cycling or skiing.

Gina O’Reilly


View Gina's bio »

Gina O’Reilly


Part of the Nitro team as COO since 2008, Gina has global responsibility for the Business Operations, Marketing, and People functions, including Employee Experience and Talent. With over 15 years of software industry experience, Gina seeks to attract, retain, and cultivate the best talent at Nitro. In order to accomplish this goal, she is passionate about developing a creative, challenging, fun, diverse, and inspiring work environment that makes every Nitronaut feel that his or her contribution helps grow the business. Prior to Nitro, Gina oversaw global sales and marketing at activePDF, a leading provider of server-side PDF solutions and developer tools.

Fluent in French, Gina holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix as well as a BA International Marketing & Languages from Dublin City University, Ireland. In her spare time, Gina loves good food and wine, keeping fit, travel, and plenty of California sunshine.

Jeff Kreutz


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Jeff Kreutz

Chief Product Officer

Jeff leads the development of Nitro’s Smart Document platform with global responsibility for Product Strategy, Engineering, Product Management, and User Experience. Jeff has more than 15 years of experience leading teams that build customer-centric, well-crafted, market-winning products. Before joining Nitro, Jeff led Product at several companies including RightNow Technologies, where he helped grow the company from $30M to over $225M before Oracle’s $1.5B acquisition in 2012. Jeff was previously Director of Product Management at Siebel Systems during its rapid growth to $1.3B before Oracle’s $5.8B acquisition in 2005.

Jeff holds an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, and a BA in Psychology (which he uses daily) from DePauw University. He lives north of San Francisco and enjoys travel, skiing, hiking and cooking with his wife, two daughters, and one-eyed beagle named Pippa.

Richard Wenzel

VP, Strategic Operations

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Richard Wenzel

VP, Strategic Operations

One of Nitro's founders, and now serving as VP of Strategic Operations, Rich is responsible for corporate operations, compliance, corporate governance, key treasury functions, and legal and shareholder affairs.

Prior to joining Nitro, Rich was an advisor at the Kerry Packer-controlled Challenger Group, in Melbourne. Rich returned to Melbourne from Milan, where he managed funding requirements for the Italian office of Bankers Trust (now part of Deutsche Bank AG), prior to which he was in London, where he worked as a trader in the treasury department.

Rich holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Gerry Treacy

VP, EMEA Sales

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Gerry Treacy

VP, EMEA Sales

Gerry is responsible for leading and accelerating Nitro’s revenue growth across the EMEA region. With years of experience at high-growth software companies, he has a proven track record of building sales teams from the ground up. Prior to Nitro, he led global revenue growth as VP of Sales at Severalnines. In his five-year tenure at MongoDB, Gerry—the first employee outside the U.S.—cultivated the EMEA business from scratch and ultimately managed corporate sales for both the EMEA and APAC regions. Gerry also helped scale MySQL in EMEA, leading the global corporate sales groups after the acquisition by Oracle.

Outside of work, Gerry enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, as well as playing football and golf (albeit badly).

Roland Tritsch

VP, Engineering

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Roland Tritsch

VP, Engineering

Roland leads, builds and runs our world-wide, world-class engineering organisation and ensures that R&D, Infrastructure Engineering, Data Engineering and Platform Engineering are aligned to build our next-generation Smart Document Management platform. He is passionate about software engineering as a craft and likes to build scalable systems that make users smile.

In the last 25 years Roland has held various technical leadership positions. Before Nitro, Roland was the VP Infrastructure Engineering at Gilt Groupe, where he scaled the infra and tech ops for Gilt Groupe's flash sale platform. He also led the buildout of their Dublin engineering team, and was a key contributor in transitioning Gilt's tech stack to Scala. Before Gilt, Roland spent 9 years at IONA Technologies, a Dublin startup success story where he managed Professional Services and Technical Services for their EMEA operation. He’s also held roles as CTO, Chief Architect, Chief Open Source Strategist, and most recently served in an operations role coordinating a cross-functional, global Business and Application Services team at Fujitsu.

Candice O’Meara

VP, Finance

View Candice's bio »

Candice O’Meara

VP, Finance

Part of the Nitro team since 2006, Candice leads the global finance organization with teams in San Francisco, Melbourne and Dublin overseeing the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, risk management, corporate finance, audit and compliance functions at Nitro.

Candice attended Monash University in Melbourne, Australia where she received a double Bachelor’s degree in Business (Accounting) and Business (Management). Candice is also a Chartered Accountant.

In her spare time, you’ll find Candice spending quality time with her family, enjoying the outdoors and (long) lunching with friends.

Steve Bower

VP, Customer Success & Solutions

View Steve's bio »

Steve Bower

VP, Customer Success & Solutions

Steve brings an incredible wealth of experience to Nitro as VP of Customer Success & Solutions. With 25 years of Engineering, Sales Engineering & Professional Services experience, Steve is an integral part of driving global revenue and product adoption across all regions at Nitro. Previously, as Nitro’s VP of Engineering, Steve oversaw the global expansion of the Engineering team and the launch of many Nitro Pro & Nitro Cloud product releases.

Prior to joining Nitro, Steve directed organizations for both large and small companies including Autodesk, where he drove Enterprise Application development in the office of the CIO.

Having lived and worked in Boston, San Francisco, Paris, Milan, and Rome, Steve brings a global perspective and experience driving international teams and businesses. Steve prides himself on building world-class teams that deliver and delight customers across the world.

Steve enjoys hiking, swimming and walking on beaches with his wife in Marin, where they live. He also enjoys keeping up with cultural happenings at San Francisco's museums & galleries.

Erica Johnson

VP, People

View Erica's bio »
Erica Johnson

Erica Johnson

VP, People

As Vice President of People at Nitro, Erica supports and advances the authentic culture that is Nitro. With over 15 years of experience in HR and Operations, she oversees employer branding and every aspect of the employee experience—from talent recruitment and onboarding to employee engagement and development. Guided by the mission to empower Nitronauts to do their best work, Erica helps uphold Nitro’s core values, ensuring an equal balance between the needs of the company and the employee.

In her spare time, you’ll find Erica dining her way through the Bay Area’s top epicurean destinations, wine tasting in Napa, or indulging in the latest Real Housewives drama.

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Product Downloads

Nitro continuously releases product updates with new features and enhancements. Product updates within a current release (eg, from version 11.1 to 11.2) are available free of charge for customers with a valid license. Upgrades to a new current release (eg from version 11.x to 12.x) are only available for customers that have purchased product updates or purchased via a subscription license agreement per our Product Updates & Sunset Policy.

Nitro Pro 11

Latest Version:
Release date:  January 30, 2018
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Downloads for older releases prior to Nitro Pro 11 can be found here