Nicolas Metivier

Nicolas Metivier

Chief Strategy Officer

Nicolas Metivier joined Nitro in 2021 as part of the Connective acquisition as Connective's Chief Executive Officer and now serves as Nitro's Chief Strategy Officer.

Nicolas brings with him a wealth of experience across finance, marketing, communications, sales, business development, and strategy. He has a proven track record in driving transformation, innovation and productivity in both start-ups and large corporations. Nicolas is known for his inspiring leadership with a keen eye to create clarity of purpose and maximize team empowerment.

As a Board member, private investor and adviser, Nicolas has helped several international companies and start-ups transform financial investment into business growth and expand their businesses throughout Europe. Earlier in his career, Nicolas held senior leadership positions at Clear2Pay, Viveo, XRT, and Reuters Financial Software.

Nicolas holds a Master's degree in Ergonomics and User Experience from Paris Descartes University.