Sign of the Times: The Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies of eSigning for All

Due to new legislation, shifting employee and customer expectations, and rising demand for modern processes, electronic signatures have become the new standard for signing. Yet why is it that only 15% of all knowledge workers in an organization have access to an eSignature solution? This alarming discrepancy between expectation and reality may be a major contributor to the fact that 65% of all signatures still happen with pen and paper. Given the compelling case for electronic signatures, it's time for a change.

In this new eBook, we reveal how extending eSignature tools to every knowledge worker can help pave an organization's path toward a more digital, efficient, and modern workplace.

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What you’ll find in this resource:

The many benefits of electronic signatures— from significantly lower costs to improved employee and customer relationships.

The barriers that discourage many organizations from equipping more— or all— of their employees with the ability to apply and request electronic signatures.

The three simple, actionable steps that can help your business extend eSigning to every knowledge worker.