The Surround Strategy: A Modern Approach to Replacing Software

In this engaging research report, CRM analyst firm Beagle Research Group explores the “surround strategy,” a more effective, modern alternative to the outdated “rip and replace” method of uprooting software solutions.

These experts discuss several facets of the surround strategy—from the foundational basics of pre-implementation evaluation to tips for assembling an effective replacement plan. You’ll also learn a prototype for evaluating existing and prospective enterprise document productivity software. Whether you’re in the process of evaluating your document productivity solution or preparing to audit your entire tech stack, this report will set you and your organization up for success.

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What you’ll find in this resource:

The definition, elements, and benefits of a surround strategy.

The three key things to evaluate while evaluating—or reevaluating—your enterprise software.

The three components that every effective, balanced pilot program should have.