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Rights Management Services

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Next Level Document Security
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Your company’s sensitive information is its lifeblood, and a security breach of documents can bring an organization down to its knees – putting staff, stakeholders and customers at risk.

Before it’s too late, IT departments should consider prioritizing document security beyond standard file and folder permissions.

This webinar spotlights the challenges of keeping documents secure across multiple real-life scenarios, and demonstrates Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) protection in its latest integration with Nitro.

From the webinar, you will:

  • Learn how Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) offers protection that stays for the life of your document
  • Find out why RMS matters to users and IT pros alike
  • Understand how the plethora of devices has only escalated the importance of safeguarding files
  • See Nitro RMS technology in action to encrypt PDF documents
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  • Presenter Orin Thomas

    Orin Thomas

    MCITP, MCT, MVP, Microsoft Press author, Windows IT Pro magazine contributing editor, founder of Melbourne System Center, Security, and Infrastructure Group, regular TechED speaker and Windows Server, Windows Client, System Center expert

  • Presenter Wilson Phan

    Wilson Phan

    Product Manager at Nitro

  • Presenter Gagan Gulati

    Gagan Gulati

    Lead Program Manager at Microsoft

Nitro Pro & Microsoft RMS:
Security Attached to Your Document

Identity Based Security

Nitro RMS allows file access only to those who have permission.

File Protection, Everywhere

Protects the exchange of PDF files with colleagues, customers and partners.

Access Files

Open and use files that other people have protected by using RMS.

User and IT Benefits

For Information Technology

Easy and secure approach for users to share confidential information with intended recipients.

For Information Workers

Protect shared confidential information (e.g contracts, proposals) to customers and partners.

For Business Decision Makers

Securely collaborate using PDF files with partners within the network and in the cloud.

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