Assurance risparmia oltre $100.000 passando a Nitro

“We discovered Nitro while searching for a good, reliable alternative to Adobe for the organization.”

Jim Maza, VP of IT at Assurance

Assurance is among the largest and most awarded independent insurance brokerages in the U.S. A “Top 50” broker, Assurance is a repeated, national “Best Place to Work” winner. Assurance creates value by minimizing risk and maximizing health for 6,000 businesses and individuals across the country.

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Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

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PDFs play a critical role in the daily processes of Assurance employees, who spend much of their time working with policy documents and contracts. Users require tools to edit and manipulate these files, and though Assurance equipped many workers with Adobe® Acrobat®, expanding that access to accommodate the company’s recent growth was cost-prohibitive. VP of IT Jim Maza led the initiative to find a much-needed, reliable replacement for Acrobat that aligned with Assurance’s bottom line.

Prima della standardizzazione con Nitro:

  • Assurance experienced significant growth and needed a PDF editor that could scale with the company.
  • The nature of Assurance's business required the vast majority of users to have a PDF editor.
  • The company’s existing licensing agreement for Adobe Acrobat was too expensive, preventing Assurance from being able to expand their deployment.

One of the best parts of the partnership thus far has been working with Nitro's Customer Success team—they're helpful, attentive, and clearly dedicated to providing a great customer experience.

Jim Maza,
VP of IT at Assurance

La differenza Nitro

Customer centricity

Nitro’s customer success team, who Maza describes as “transparent” and “having a listening ear,” has played a central role in Assurance’s journey.

Preferred user interface

Assurance employees have voiced a preference for Nitro’s Office-inspired interface over the Adobe Acrobat interface they previously used.

Better cost structure

By offering superior licensing terms, Nitro saved Assurance over $100,000 and enabled the organization to continue providing a critical tool to all employees.

In 2016, Assurance significantly reduced their PDF editor spend by signing a strategic 3-year contract with Nitro to replace all Adobe Acrobat licenses across the organization.

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casella di controllo Over $100,000 saved

casella di controllo Better user experience

casella di controllo Customized training programs

casella di controllo Attentive customer success team

With Nitro, we have access to real people within the organization who are responsive, whether it's picking up the phone or emailing.

Jim Maza,
VP of IT at Assurance

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