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What’s challenging government agencies from adopting ICT?

When you think of the phrase “red tape,” it’s no secret that government agencies come to mind. Why? They’re notoriously slow moving, both in pace of ‘getting things done’ and in terms of adopting modern technology. Despite some encouraging improvements in the sector, productivity (or the lack thereof) is defined as a key imperative everywhere from the Ernst & Young Government Agenda to the Australian Government’s State of the Service Report.



So what’s holding our governing bodies back and what do they need to execute these ICT strategies? We set out to find these answers at the government conference, Transitioning to ICT as a Service last February. Here’s what we found:

Freedom of mobile most valued

  • 87% valued cloud-based solutions to enable mobile access—anytime, anywhere.
  • 61% valued file-sharing solutions for signatures, approvals and comments.

While most of us are already adopting ‘work smart’ strategies by checking emails on the train or jumping on Skype after hours for a global meeting, there are still improvements to be made. Incorporating the ability to easily complete workflows, close deals, and obtain approvals on mobile, such as on Nitro Sign, will shave hours off your day (and maybe save you a few grey hairs).

Military-grade security is a must, not a ‘nice to have’

  • 63% cited the perceived fear of risking organization security is hindering their migration to ICT as a service.
  • 44% cited the lack of buy-in from stakeholders such as the board, management and employees as a barrier to entry.

We’re glad to say that Nitro’s 24/7 security and operations is best in class, and combined with end-user security tools such as password protection, encryption, redaction and rights management protection, sharing data across the cloud has never been safer.

Collaboration is key

  • 68% want the ability to collaborate easily with multiple parties via sharing, editing and tracking changes in real-time.
  • 39% want the ability to improve the approval process with e-signatures.

Gone are the days when the old filing cabinet played a role, and the end is nigh for other resource-wasting relics such as clunky printing machines, scanners and photocopiers. Document productivity software, such as Nitro PDF Pro, not only improves the collaboration process but it makes giving or asking for e-signatures a breeze when combined with Nitro Cloud.

As business and consumer technologies continue to merge, it’s vital for governments to adopt an ICT migration strategy that is relevant to their workforce and to the citizens that their work may impact. Let’s hope all that talk of red tape will soon be a thing of the past.