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Il settore dei servizi professionali è pronto per il lavoro a distanza permanente?

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Se le aziende di servizi professionali vogliono garantire una transizione graduale al lavoro a distanza permanente, devono adottare più soluzioni digitali. 

Working remotely during a global pandemic has been a major adjustment for many employees, and companies are doing what they can to adapt. However, many workers still lack the right tools to fully enable working from home. We decided to take a deeper dive into the trends highlighted in Part 2 of The Future of Work report and explored how workers in specific industries are managing this new normal.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the professional services industry.

Remote work will be the norm for professional services

Even after the pandemic ends, most professional services employees will stay remote. Deloitte expects 67% of the professional services workforce to transition to remote working arrangements within the next two years, according to a recent report.

Going fully remote not only impacts physical working spaces but also how business gets done. For an industry that has relied heavily on face-to-face collaboration and client interactions, this will be a significant change. If professional services firms want to ensure a smooth transition, they need to start embracing more digital tools and solutions.

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Paper-based processes need to go

Findings from The Future of Work report show 56% of remote employees are still printing and 50% still scanning, despite over 60% not having printers or scanners at home.

This kind of inefficiency is extremely problematic for professional services employees who work with a significant number of documents daily. Twenty percent deal with more than 10 documents a day, and 13% handle more than 20 a day!

Professional services firms can’t afford to waste time and money on printing, faxing, and scanning, especially when working from home. Bottom line: Paper-based processes and workflows need to become a thing of the past.

Now’s the best time to digitize

Going paperless will help push firms to the next level – increasing productivity, improving employee satisfaction, and boosting profitability. Companies like JLL, Baker Tilly, Xerox, ABM, CBRE, and PPD are already ahead of the game, using document productivity tools to streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

As remote work becomes the norm for professional services companies, high performing virtual teams will require 100% digital workflows. While going digital may seem like a daunting process, it will have a lasting impact on businesses in the long run.

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