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Is Your PDF Editor Costing You More Than You Think?


A PDF productivity solution should help you cut costs and streamline workflows, but without the right one, this is not always what happens. Learn about the pitfalls and alternatives.

When the PDF burst on the scene in the early 1990s, it heralded a new era of information sharing and the promise of lower printing and document storage costs. Although some of those perks are alive and well, many companies now face an unanticipated challenge—a PDF productivity solution that is increasingly expensive and contributes to the same cost overruns that the technology was meant to alleviate.

There are a variety of reasons for this—time needed for end-user adoption and implementation, high licensing fees, solutions that don’t easily scale to your company’s specific needs—and we will explore below the benefits that come from partnering with a technology company that works with you to overcome these obstacles when implementing your PDF solution.

Avoid the Money Pit

Although the average consumer may think of PDFs as a convenient, free way to share documents, your business may be met with sticker shock when implementing common PDF productivity solutions across the organization, as was the case for international automotive manufacturer Continental. Add to that the annual licensing fees, and your budget can skyrocket very quickly. You have a right to expect a company that offers an affordable starting price, provides straightforward and flexible licensing options, and brings the highest level of customer service to the relationship—a partner that truly wants to find the best fit for your business.

Another potentially significant source of cost savings that can come from a strong PDF productivity solution dovetails with the advent of electronic signatures, or eSign. An estimated 51 percent of everything that comes out of a printer is meant for someone’s signature, contributing to the nearly $27,000 spent per year on document-management systems which produce an average of 5,000 pages per month.

A company that creates, edits, signs, and stores contracts using a PDF productivity and eSigning solution can benefit from the following:

  • Streamlined internal operations and accelerated business processes
  • Dramatic reductions in the costs of paper, ink, toner, and machine maintenance
  • Greater ease in sharing and tracking documents
  • A boost to customer confidence when you treat their data in a secure and accountable manner

Accelerate Your Business

With a lower financial barrier to entry and simplified licensing, a modern PDF editor coupled with an eSigning solution allows users across your company to operate with the same productivity efficiency, thereby streamlining workflows, clearing out bottlenecks, and making life much easier for your IT team.

Staff members who once toiled in the trenches sending (and resending) attachments; signing, stamping, copying, and scanning documents; and struggling with outdated and inconsistent software across users will now have time to forge new collaborations, drive innovation, and unleash productivity. When costs and headaches go down, opportunities for new revenue go up, as companies such as Howden Group can attest.

Expect Reliable Follow-Up

Even the most efficient PDF solution needs care and feeding once implemented. A single point of contact between the PDF provider and your company is important for streamlined, clear communication and quick responses to questions or crises, as was the case for T-Mobile Austria. Ongoing evaluations and tutorials are key to maintaining and eventually increasing efficiency across the company. With the right provider, you will have a partner in productivity that ensures your PDF editor can go from IT headache to ROI catalyst.

Consider The Nitro Productivity Suite

If you’re ready for an affordable PDF productivity solution —and a company that will take the journey with you—consider a free trial of Nitro Pro. It gives your teams the opportunity to work better with documents and each other, as well as unlimited eSignatures, improved data security, and a huge boost to your bottom line. Take us for a test drive today.