Comment créer une signature électronique

Creating an electronic signature is probably easier than you think. Here’s how you can set one up in just minutes and say goodbye to printing, signing by hand, scanning, and emailing. Because, honestly, who has time for that?

Do I need an electronic signature?

Yes! We cannot stress this enough. Electronic signatures enable you to securely and legally sign all types of documents – from lease agreements to job applications to tax forms – without the need for printing and scanning. With our current reality of social distancing and our increasingly digital future, easy eSigning is more essential than ever. Thankfully, creating an electronic signature is fast and simple!

Step by step: Creating An Electronic Signature with Nitro

With Nitro Sign, you can quickly and easily add your electronic signature to any document.

  1. Dans le tableau de bord de la page d'accueil, cliquez sur Outils dans le menu de gauche, puis sélectionnez Signer.
  2. Choisissez un document sur votre ordinateur local, un espace de stockage dans le cloud ou un document Nitro Sign préexistant.
  3. Une fois le document ouvert, cliquez sur votre nom/e-mail dans le panneau des signataires à gauche de l'écran pour faire apparaître différentes options des champs du formulaire.
  4. Faites glisser et déposez les champs obligatoires sur les documents. Les champs seront préremplis avec les signatures stockées, les autres informations seront modifiables (si disponibles).
  5. Chaque champ du formulaire pourra être déplacé et redimensionné. Vous pourrez également modifier le type de champ en cliquant sur l'infobulle.
  6. Après avoir vérifié les informations dans les champs ajoutés, cliquez sur Enregistrer les signatures.
  7. Once the document is saved, you will be notified, and your signed document will be available in My Documents
    • The document status will be updated to Signed
  8. Vous pouvez aussi accéder à Mes documents, ajouter et ouvrir le document souhaité, et cliquer sur Signer sous l'onglet Accueil.

eSigning after You’ve Created Your Electronic Signature

Once you’ve created your eSignature, you can save it for future use. The next time you need to sign a document in Nitro, you can simply select from your saved signatures.

Electronic Signatures vs. Digital Signatures

While you may have heard the two terms used interchangeably, electronic and digital signatures aren’t quite the same thing. Creating an electronic signature usually takes less than a minute. Creating a digital signature, however, is a bit more complicated. Digital signatures involve an extra layer of security and encryption and require a digital ID or certificate.

Typically, you have to verify your identity and purchase a digital ID from a Trust Service Provider in order to create a digital signature. Fortunately, digital signatures are rarely needed, and standard eSignatures are perfectly valid for the vast majority of signing needs.

Speaking of signing needs… we know that, right now, businesses need affordable digital solutions to stay productive working from home. No matter how big or small your business is, start eSigning today with a free trial of  a Nitro Sign Individual or Nitro Sign Team plan. No complications, no catches, no limits. Because we’re all in this together.