Une gestion du changement réussie pour Zebra Technologies

“Nitro took time to understand our needs first, and built our deployment strategy against those findings.”

Zebra Technologies builds tracking technology and solutions that give companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses. Zebra's extensive portfolio of solutions provides precise operational data about everything from products and physical assets to people, allowing business leaders to make better, more informed decisions, respond in real time, and, ultimately, help businesses understand how they work—and how they could work better.

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Lincolnshire, Illinois

Nombre d'employés :

7 000

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Zebra Technologies increased its workforce in 2014 when the company acquired Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business. With such explosive growth, business leaders sought to manage the change across employees and processes by merging the best aspects of each company. As a result, Zebra chose Nitro for its superior value and ease of use.

Avant Nitro

  • Zebra Global Client Support Manager David Floss decided that users—and Zebra as a whole—would benefit more from Nitro's scalability, intuitive interface, and compelling value.
  • Avec un nombre aussi élevé de novices de Nitro parmi ses travailleurs du savoir, Floss s'est d'abord concentrée sur l'adoption de la solution par toute l'entreprise. Non seulement en incitant les autres unités commerciales à passer à Nitro gratuitement, mais aussi en mettant en œuvre des stratégies de gestion du changement qui ont facilité la transition et assuré la satisfaction des utilisateurs.

We looked very hard at ways we could standardize on PDF productivity across the organization, and Nitro enabled us to equip users who previously wouldn't have access to these capabilities.

David Floss,
Global Client Support Manager at Zebra Technologies

La différence de Nitro

Seamless communication

To drive adoption and proliferation of Nitro, David and the Zebra team partnered closely with Nitro’s Customer Success and Support teams to craft effective user-facing communications.

Exceptional training resources

Zebra mitigated initial user pushback by fully leveraging Nitro’s educational materials—especially the customized training microsite, which included a helpdesk integration and site analytics. These features enabled David to see how many people were using the microsite and determine if additional promotion was needed.

Productivity from day one

Designed to mirror the Microsoft Office UI, Nitro’s intuitive interface diffused user resistance to change. Even first-time users were familiar with how to navigate Nitro, making it fast and easy for knowledge workers to complete their daily workflows.

Les experts en gestion du changement de Nitro ont aidé Zebra à atteindre ses objectifs spécifiques tout au long de l'implémentation : de l'accélération de l'adoption par le biais de la communication et de la formation à la standardisation sur une solution de productivité documentaire sécurisée et économique.

Ce qu'il faut retenir

case à cocher Successful migration of users to Nitro

case à cocher Communication fructueuse, tant avec l'équipe de la réussite client de Nitro qu'avec les utilisateurs internes

case à cocher Nitro’s training materials helped limit resistance and drive adoption

case à cocher David and team felt supported by Nitro from the start

It was more than buying a product—it was engaging in a relationship, which is why we work with Nitro as we drive digital transformation.

David Floss
Global Client Support Manager at Zebra Technologies

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