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3 raisons d'utiliser les signatures électroniques dans votre entreprise


Like the feather dipped in ink before it, scribbling your signature with a pen onto paper may soon seem old-school. The fast-paced, highly distributed business landscape is increasingly moving from paper and pen to the convenience of the screens and mobile devices. Applying eSignatures to a digital document has become almost as common – and even simpler – than buying something online, and in today’s installment of our e-signature series, we’ll run through a few of the reasons e-signing is emerging as king of the efficient office workflow.


1. Money

Appliquer une signature électronique, c'est économiser de l'argent. Selon l'étude d'Ombud réalisée en 2013 sur la productivité à l'étape de la signature, « les entreprises qui utilisent des solutions de signature électronique économisent en moyenne 20 $ par document... et engrangent une retour sur investissement qui peut atteindre 50 millions de dollars sur cinq ans. Ces économies sont rendues possibles par l'intégration des technologies de signature électronique aux outils et aux processus métier qui existent déjà dans les différents services au sein de l'entreprise. »

In other words, most businesses see significant and immediate ROI when they enable high-volume document functions, such as sales, finance, and HR teams, with an eSignature solution, such as Nitro Cloud.

2. Speed

A common productivity killer in the workplace is the process of gathering signatures. AIIM’s study on e-signatures found 42% of organizations reported their processes are interrupted by the need to obtain a pen-signed signature, which by default necessitates the inefficient download-print-sign-scan-email routine. “On average, 3.1 days is added to most processes in order to collect physical signatures. 22% of organizations add a week or more to their processes,” they report. An eSignature solution changes all that. In seconds, a signature can be applied and the document returned to the requester without ever leaving the application. Ombud’s study found there was an 80% reduction in turnaround time when eSigning was in play. That’s needle-moving stuff.

3. Le bonheur

Streamlining business-driving signature processes like closing a deal, new hire paperwork, or securing an NDA empowers everyone involved to get work done. Imagine being able to sign a document from any device, from any place and at any time of day. And imagine being able to give your clients the same awesome power and an overall better buying experience. And as Ombud’s research (not surprisingly) found, customer satisfaction can be directly correlated to measurable customer loyalty. Bring on the repeat business!

Of course, those are just three of the top reasons companies are pulling their pens from the signature scene. We’ll dive into more of the inherent features and benefits of eSignatures as we move forward in this series. Until then, if you want to try Nitro Sign to eSign your documents, you can do so for free by clicking right here.

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