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Conseils avisés pour booster votre productivité à l'aube de 2017


With the arrival of the new year, we’re all given a great opportunity to start fresh and establish new habits that will help us get closer to achieving our best selves. In this post, we’re sharing six trends to follow if you’re hoping to ramp up your personal productivity in the year of the rooster.

De-cluttering Your App Collection

Combien de ces applications utilisez-vous réellement ?

There’s always going to be some hot new app to download, but realistically, the likelihood it will evolve into something you truly rely on is slim. Having too many options can be distracting—how many times have you searched through multiple note-taking apps to find the bullets you took down during a meeting?

Focus on the tools that add value to your day in one way or another, and clear out the fluff. Your devices will thank you, as will your swiping thumb.

Becoming BFFs with Your Calendar

There is much to be said about the value of effective scheduling.

Your calendar shouldn’t be limited to meetings; schedule time for things that take time. Whether you’re writing up a proposal for a client, finalizing your department’s quarterly budget, or following up on action items from your last meeting, don’t hesitate to pencil in time to work on your personal tasks.

Organiser votre journée en fonction de votre mode de travail peut également augmenter votre productivité. Par exemple, si vous êtes plus efficace le matin, consacrez la matinée à des tâches qui demandent beaucoup de concentration et l'après-midi (lorsque vous avez moins d'énergie) à des tâches que vous pouvez réaliser en mode pilote automatique.

This includes email! Not every message requires an instantaneous response. Designating time to conduct your email duties can help you stay on track with your other tasks, without allowing important messages to slip through the cracks.

Formuler le résultat final souhaité

Writing down a thesis for your projects can keep you from veering off-course.

The exercise of articulating the desired outcome of an initiative is often overlooked. However, those who take time to document that “north star” at the outset are setting themselves up to avoid or ease things like scope creep or confusion, should new contributors join midway through the project.

Whether you’re creating a new sales presentation, planning a product launch, or mapping out a new process for garnering employee referrals, establishing your project’s mission statement will help maintain focus and ultimately drive more productivity in your initiative.

Participer aux réunions sans distractions

Devices = distraction, so leave your phones at the conference room door.

It’s almost become customary for phones to accompany their owners in meetings. How often are you, or someone you’re meeting with, stopped mid-sentence by the buzz or flash of a mobile notification, then left hopelessly detached from the train of thought that was once crystal clear? The same can be said for our laptops, with the way instant messaging tools like Slack and Skype for Business have proliferated.

Nous sommes trop nombreux à nous laisser distraire par nos appareils pendant les réunions, ce qui va à l'encontre de l'objectif initial qui consiste à dégager du temps pour se concentrer sur un sujet ou une question en particulier. Pour une productivité maximale, lâchez votre téléphone, et peut-être même votre ordinateur portable, surtout s'ils n'apportent rien à votre réunion.

Planning Your Meals

Staying organized in this area will save you time and money. And, calories.

Don’t underestimate the productive power of a solid meal plan. Investing the time to map out what you’re going to eat throughout the week will make your trip to the grocer much more efficient, saving you from spending time on repeat trips for random items. It’ll also give you a great reason not to throw your hands up and head to the drive-thru at lunch or the end of a busy workday. Some people may decide to use a Meal Delivery Service such as Sun Basket to help plan their meals so they can spend more time being productive in other areas of their life. They can send all of your ingredients and recipes to your house so all that’s left to be done is for you to cook the food. This will take a lot less time out of your life. What’s even better is that you can get free shipping with your Sun Basket order so you can buy as much as you like without having to think about the extra cost. Just think about how much more productive you will become?

Plus, what we eat affects our productivity. “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance,” says this article from the Harvard Business Review. And when we plan and prep our meals in advance, the chances we’ll make better, more nutritious choices to fuel our days increase dramatically.

Trouver votre rythme

The right soundtrack can send your productivity into hyperdrive.

Donning headphones during business hours used to be somewhat taboo in the business world, but no longer. Leaders in companies of all shapes and sizes are recognizing the impacts of music on productivity—in fact, 65% of business owners believe music makes employees more productive.

La musique peut aider dans de nombreuses tâches ou situations. Cet article du Telegraph cite une étude qui recommande d'écouter de la musique d'ambiance si vos tâches exigent un haut niveau de précision, de la musique dance si vous faites de la relecture et de la musique pop pour une saisie de données plus efficace.

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