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Sam Chandler

Co-fondateur et PDG

Sam Chandler is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nitro Software (ASX: NTO). Under Sam's leadership, the once-tiny startup has transformed into a leading global document productivity software company that went public on the ASX in 2019. Today, Nitro employs over 200 Nitronauts around the world, has over 2.6 million licensed users, and nearly 12,000 business customers in 154 countries.

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Nitro + Connective: The New Global Force in Enterprise eSigning
novembre09 ,202105 :04 PM
The acquisition will be funded by a A$140M capital raising and positions Nitro as a top 3 global eSign provider
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Blog Nitro
Nitro + PDFpen : étendre la productivité PDF à Mac, iPad et iPhone
27 juin 2021, 07:00
Avec l'acquisition de PDFpen, nous avons trouvé le complément et l'ajout parfaits pour étendre la plate-forme de productivité Nitro à encore plus de clients et d'utilisateurs.
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Nitro lutte contre le racisme et l'injustice
04 juin 2020, 11:55
An email sent from our CEO and Founder, Sam Chandler, to all Nitronauts to call attention to the broader impact of this issue and also what Nitro is doing to help our team to take action and support our local communities.
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Découvrez Nitro Sign, une solution eSigning for All intelligente et gratuite
01 avril 2020 11:48
Today, we are excited to announce Nitro Sign, a standalone electronic signature solution that allows anyone, anywhere to sign documents smarter, faster, and more securely — without the need for paper.
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Introduction en Bourse de Nitro : le début des quinze prochaines années
December 12, 2019 02:46 PM
Today Nitro is becoming a public company on the ASX, and we are proud that we have forged the foundations of what we expect to be an enduring software company.
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Nitro vote oui au référendum irlandais sur le mariage pour tous
18 mai 2015 15 h 48
This Friday, Ireland will become the first country in the world to vote on the legalization of same-sex marriage. And if Nitro could cast a ballot, we’d be voting Yes.
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Battery Ventures investit 15 millions de dollars pour l'avenir de Nitro
novembre04 ,201410 :00 UN M
Today is a very special day for Nitro. We’re announcing a $15m investment from Battery Ventures, and the start of Nitro’s “second chapter”. If chapter one was about first generation document sharing, chapter two expands to include second generation document sharing. And we’re excited to have the team from Battery joining us for the next part of the Nitro story.
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Nitro présente Nitro Pro 9 avec Nitro Cloud, disponible dès maintenant
01 octobre 2013 07:24
Grâce à Nitro Cloud, nos utilisateurs peuvent, pour la première fois, partager des documents en ligne avec n’importe qui et permettre à tous les participants de ce flux de travail de collaborer sur les documents et de les signer, sans avoir besoin d’un logiciel de bureau. Tout se passe dans le navigateur et tout est suivi, y compris les visualisations, les versions, les signets et les commentaires du document.
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