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Postuler dans le domaine de la technologie : élargissez votre rayon de recherche


En regardant au-delà des perspectives habituelles dans la recherche d'emploi, vous trouverez plus d'opportunités tout en démontrant votre indépendance aux employeurs potentiels du secteur.

Post college (and after a summer abroad, we hope!) comes a considerable real world challenge-looking for a job. Along with a flagship resume, Jennifer Trendler of Nitro’s Talent Teamlet us in on another way job seekers can advance their hunt: “Cast a wide net when it comes to how you search.”

Don’t Be a Sheep in the Herd: Go Beyond Craigslist

Looking beyond the usual prospects in job hunting helps you find more opportunities while demonstrating savvy independence to potential tech employers. Tech jobs are famous for being on Craigslist, a great starting point. But even when combined with combing LinkedIn and GlassDoor, you’re only scratching the surface of the abundant resources available.

New and niche-specific job-focused websites seemingly pop up daily, but don’t forget the head honchos, like Indeed and Monster. Though you’ve likely heard about them since childhood, they remain relevant.

Also, keep your eye on company career pages-recruiters track how candidates find positions, and coming directly from the site reveals initiative and true interest in an organization.

Networking Isn’t Scary (and May Land You the Job) 

The old adage, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is actually true. Sometimes the deciding factor in who gets an interview, or the job, comes down to a connection. Nitro’s Talent Team member, Rachel Klarfeld, put it this way:

“When hiring, we always follow up on referrals from current Nitronauts. If a current employee is a keeper, we have reason to believe people in their network are, too.”

Networking sounds intimidating and esoteric, but all it actually entails is striking up a genuine conversation. You can do this at a professional networking event or conference (start-ups love events! Check for one near you) or by reaching out to people you already know, like your favorite college professor, or the barista you caffeinate from daily. A sincere and earnest conversation about your career goals will often lead to people offering to make an introduction if they have a relevant contact.

One connection often leads to another, and connections, like websites, are a great way to find yourself in a job in tech.

Give it a Try 

Ready to expand your job search? Great! Come check out Nitro’s career page. We’re looking for talented people in engineering, marketing, finance and sales. Alternatively, if you’re looking for perhaps a marketing role in the leisure, retail or consumer services, Suzie Walker Executive Search can help. They recruit roles for interim digital jobs globally…today may just be your lucky day! Job searching does not need to be as difficult as it seems.

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