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Gain Competitive Advantage with PDF


Enterprise leaders have taken notice of this new stance and are starting to peel back the layers of their organization’s productivity tools to identify what’ working and what’s outdated.

When it comes to creating a flexible and efficient working environment, today’s modern workforce isn’t sitting quietly waiting for tools and technology to find them — they are tracking it down themselves and demanding IT support.

Enterprise leaders have taken notice of this new stance and are starting to peel back the layers of their organization’s productivity tools to identify what’ working and what’s outdated. Many are also starting to prioritize the alignment of document management and eSigning workflows with their larger Digital Transformation initiatives.

On May 16th, Nitro welcomed David Floss, Global Client Support Manager of Zebra Technologies, Melissa Incera and Chris Marsh from 451 Research, and our own VP of Customer Success and Solutions Steve Bower to the webinar stage for a live panel on this exact subject. We heard directly from David that Zebra Technologies’ employees want to access and engage with data wherever they are, whenever they need it. David and his team have focused on providing the right suite of tools to support employee needs, but with digital innovation comes challenges. For Zebra, the difficulty isn’t just content accessibility, it’s enabling users to make that content actionable in a proactive and strategic way.

Keep reading to learn how Zebra is confronting this challenge head-on, and how their partnership with Nitro has helped them identify and implement the right formula to drive tactical performance and improved ROI. You’ll get a great outline of the immediate next steps enterprise IT leaders can take to manage toward productivity nirvana.

Investing Intelligently to Scale Successfully: The Zebra Story

3 years ago, Zebra was a year into their acquisition of Motorola. They had quadrupled in size overnight, merging 6,000 new employees into their environment. And with such mergers, there is a lot of work and process coming together – starting with tools. Early on, they saw redundancy in PDF editors – it was that simple. “We had 2-3 programs that are doing the same thing,” David shared. To support due diligence, they couldn’t assume a PDF editor was just a PDF editor – they needed to understand how these tools were being used at that moment in time and really comprehend how they would (or could) support employees’ needs in the future.

The evaluation wasn’t just about features or cost – it was about partnership. Zebra wanted to work with a partner that would adapt to the changing document workflow landscape to ensure they could capture and maintain their competitive edge as an organization. From release plans, to support mechanisms – it was more than buying a product it was engaging in a relationship. By replacing Adobe with Nitro, Zebra has standardized on one central solution. This strategic consolidation is now supporting productivity across their entire organization.

“Nitro provided the right tools to ease the transition and break down the brand linchpin that Adobe had within our organization. Nitro accomplished that by understanding our needs first and building our deployment strategy against those findings.”

The ROI of Digitization

Productivity starts at both the content and the employee levels, and PDF is consistently a pain point for most users. Despite their portability, the majority of workers see these documents as unresponsive, flat images that don’t allow for edits or manipulation. The opportunity with PDF is to realize them as a day-to-day workflow utility, and make the management tools available to your entire workforce. To accomplish this you need to invest in a cost-efficient solution, like Nitro, that allows you to scale to equip everyone.

David complimented this approach stating, “Today, content can, and is, the key artifact that moves through the workflow that can enable your organization in so many ways.” By enabling all employees to work digitally, IT leaders can help bridge the gap between an organization’s people, their content, and their processes, alleviating common barriers to productivity.

For David, document management success is about making the content productive, delivering the tools to everyone and ensuring that it flows through your organization effectively. David states, “People sometimes are forced to go analog because they don’t have the right tools to navigate and collaborate with their content. If something requires 5 steps but you can do it in 4, think about the step you are saving (even if it’s one click) times that by every user, times the minutes it takes to do that step, you are talking about hard ROI.”

Managing Towards Productivity Nirvana

For Enterprise leaders, the key to Digital Transformation success is to make sure your software meets the needs of your end users and that the partnership is a two-way relationship. For organizations looking to cut costs, support collective collaboration, and level-up customer commitments, the time to revisit your Digital Transformation strategy is now. Remember, PDF was meant to simplify formatting, fuel collaboration, and improve productivity. Don’t let prolific paper-based processes and the failed promises of expensive, legacy technologies stall your innovation — your employees deserve better.

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