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4 Productivity Tips to Transform Your Workday


With constantly buzzing phones, packed workdays, and a never-ending list of personal and professional responsibilities, the mission to increase productivity is always a work in progress. Earlier this year, we provided a few trending strategies for enhancing productivity-from choosing the right playlist to eating more mindfully. Increasing the level of productivity within the workplace is important, no matter what industry you work in. For pretty much every business, to reach a high level of productivity, working as a team is essential. With the use of technology and the internet, many businesses also rely on companies like Service Max to help increase productivity. The more you do, the more likely it is that you will find the solution for both you and your business. More work gets done this way and a variety of skills are being used. Together, we can create a more productive workplace and be on the way to achieving our goals.

Now that we’re almost halfway through the year, how are you doing on those productivity goals? Whether you’re exceeding your efficiency expectations or need a little extra inspiration, we have four more strategies for eliminating distractions, improving clarity, and increasing productivity every day.

Stay on a single task

As the workforce grows more agile and mobile by the year, we are all becoming more accustomed to multitasking around the clock. We respond to emails while in meetings. We engage in full instant messaging conversations while compiling a spreadsheet. While these work habits are all normal, they’re not the best thing for our productivity.

In “The Leading Brain: Powerful Science-based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance,” neuropsychologist Friederike Fabritius and leadership expert Hans W. Hagemann explore the multitude of negative effects that multitasking can have on performance.

For example, people who are interrupted spend an average of 23 minutes to get back on track and take approximately 50 percent longer to finish their task. Once complete, that task contains about 50 percent more errors. What’s more, research shows that focusing on more than one thing temporarily reduces your IQ by 15 points-more than smoking marijuana or losing an entire night’s sleep.

Instead of overcommitting your attention, focus on one task at a time, removing as many distractions as possible. Whether you are thinking about creating a presentation for the group meeting next week, need to complete a couple of projects by tomorrow or are thinking about getting something like contractors all risk insurance provided by for your business, these are all important tasks that need to be completed. It is important to commit to one task at a time though, as this will give you a higher change of being able to get everything done on time. Another effective tactic is to reserve time on your calendar that’s specifically devoted to a single task or project. If you can’t work through a lengthy block of time without a break (we certainly can’t-we’re only human), try scheduling brief technology breaks, during which you can answer chats, texts, and emails.

Indulge your coffee cravings

For many of us, our days don’t start until we sip that first cup of coffee. According to recent research, that can actually be a good thing. By inhibiting receptors for adenosine (a compound in the brain that causes drowsiness), coffee helps ward off sleepiness and enhance alertness. Whilst coffee can help you wake up in the morning, it’s also important to make sure that you’ve had a good sleep. This ensures you’re more alert and can also put you in a much better mood for the day ahead. Sometimes, swapping your mattress can be the key to being well-rested. Memory foam mattresses are popular nowadays, for more info check simplyrest if you’re interested in knowing more about that type of mattress. If a new mattress isn’t a priority, drinking coffee can wake you up quickly.

But in a recent study of U.S. Navy Seals, researchers discovered that coffee offers benefits far beyond simply keeping you awake. Moderate doses of caffeine (200mg) improved memory, mood, and learning, in addition to boosting reaction time and alertness.

Diving more specifically into workplace dynamics, MIT researchers explored what happened when a bank’s entire call center took coffee breaks at the same time. With increased socialization, time away from workstations, and a surge of caffeine, average call handling time fell by more than 20 percent among lower-performing teams and decreased by eight percent overall at the call center. Based on the study’s results, the manager changed the break schedule at all 10 of the bank’s call centers, forecasting $15 million in annual productivity increases.

Eliminate paper

Paper-based workflows are a continuous threat to productivity across the organization. From misfiled documents to unnecessary printing, document inefficiencies cost employees 20 percent of overall productivity. Remove these barriers by cutting out paper whenever possible. Instead of outdated processes like printing and scanning, adopt digital workflows that can accomplish the same goals with just a few simple clicks.

The perfect example of obsolete inefficiency is traditional paper-based signing, which demands that employees receive, print, fetch, sign, scan, attach, and email a signed document. The result is more than six hours spent each week approving and signing documents. Due to the inconvenient, time-consuming process of signing, businesses must wait an average of over three days to receive a physical signature-a timeframe that isn’t productive for anyone. Simple workflow tweaks like adopting an eSigning tool help save time on a day-to-day scale, which impacts weekly and annual productivity in a big way.

Get active

While most of us are familiar with the physical and mental benefits of exercise, did you know that exercise can have a significant impact on your workplace productivity? A Swedish study discovered that employees who used work time for exercise or similar health-promoting measures accomplished an equal or greater amount of work than their counterparts who worked straight through the entire day. In addition, the employees who exercised during the day reported improvements in self-assessed productivity, meaning that they perceived that they got more done throughout the day.

Even if your company, role, or industry doesn’t comply with a full workout on your lunch break, try quick, simple ways to get the blood flowing. A walk around the neighborhood or a quick set of jumping jacks can still do wonders to spark your creativity and accelerate your productivity.

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