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Nitro Research Reveals Severe Misalignment Between Organizational Change Management Goals And Strategy

SAN FRANCISCO, February 28, 2017—Nitro the leader in document productivity, released the results of a survey that looked at how organizations around the world are handling change management. The survey—including input from over 320 IT Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and CIOs—identified severe misalignment between the way IT leaders talk about change management and the strategies in place to execute these initiatives.

Top insights from the survey include:

Change management is a top concern for IT when evaluating software partners.

Three out of four respondents stated that a vendor's level of change management support has played a role in their decision to sign an agreement (or not). 87% ranked customer support resources as "important" factor in software vendor evaluations, including 43% who said the offering was "critical."

Change management strategies vary between organizations, but many fall short.

Organizations are having the most success with user testing, with 95% saying it's an effective strategy. Meanwhile, insufficient user training is a common pain point, with 42% of organizations identifying it as a challenge. A collective 37% say user training, whether led in-house (19%) or managed by a vendor (18%), has proven ineffective in new software implementations. The most-neglected change management strategy is user adoption tracking—one in four organizations are not effectively watching this metric.

Organizations hold common change management goals and face common challenges.

User satisfaction (71%), productivity gains (67%), and user adoption rates (57%) are the most common goals for new software implementations.  The most common challenges facing respondents are strain on IT time and resources (67%), user resistance to change (55%) and having multiple user groups with varying needs (53%).  Nearly half of respondents feel software vendors have room to improve upon the quality of change management resources they provide.

“The goals and strategies of IT leaders with regard to software change management are not always in sync,” said Nitro’s VP of Customer Solutions, Steve Bower. “Our findings showed evidence of strain on IT resources alongside significant gaps in adoption and usage tracking, training, and communication, all of which hinder implementation of new software. While technology leaders may understand the importance of change management, they continue to struggle putting effective change management strategies into practice, and are ultimately missing out on better ROI from their software purchases.”

Though there are many possible approaches to change management, the ultimate goal for most organizations is a common one—get users to adopt the new software, and make sure they’re happy with it in the long run. One way to do that, Bower adds, is to ensure software vendors are held accountable for offering effective ongoing support.

“Nitro’s Customer Success program offers a range of strategies designed to mitigate the friction that often results when users are required to adopt new software. By partnering with us to create a tailored change management program, our most successful customers are taking full advantage of it and seeing immediate results."

Alongside the research data, Nitro’s report highlights additional actionable recommendations organizations can adopt to manage the changes associated with new software implementations and drive adoption and satisfaction across their user base.

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Survey methodology: Nitro commissioned a third-party research firm to survey IT leaders from around the world working in organizations with 1,000 or more employees. The survey was conducted in November 2016 and responses were collected using a web-based tool.

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