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Peter Jones

VP, Design and User Experience

Peter Jones rejoined Nitro in 2020 as VP of Design & User Experience. In this role, Peter is responsible for user experience from the moment someone discovers Nitro to their daily interaction with the products.

With over a decade of product design experience, Peter’s work has reached millions of users across a wide range of industries. Prior to his current role at Nitro, Peter served as Head of User Experience at Flow Kana, where he and led a design team that created custom logistics software as the company grew from 60 to 300+ employees. Before this, Peter served as Director of User Experience at Nitro from 2015 to 2017. He also previously held User Experience and Design roles at Vlocity, Intuit, Kabuto, and MITRE.

Peter holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and Sciences from Clarkson University.

Futuro del trabajo

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