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La revolución de la digitalización: creación de una nueva plataforma de productividad


El CEO de Nitro, Sam Chandler, presentó en la ASX Small and Mid-Cap Conference el papel de la empresa en la revolución de la digitalización.

On September 9th, Nitro’s Founder and CEO Sam Chandler presented at the virtual ASX Small and Mid-Cap Conference. His presentation focused on Nitro’s acceleration over the first half of the year and its significant role in the digitization revolution.

The global pandemic has forced organizations to rethink how they collaborate and remain productive while working remotely. As companies shift to a more permanent remote work environment, digital workflows have become even more critical. Nitro is helping businesses across the globe transition into the digitization era and embrace the future of work. Watch Sam’s full presentation in the video above.

It’s in the third era [of the digitization revolution] where we believe the true promise of digital transformation is going to be realized. This is where intelligent workflows are going to be dominant, and we think Nitro and other vendors that can own large parts of the productivity and workflow stack as its core will be the most successful. Our notion of a document in this era is going to be very different to the current paradigm, documents are going to be a whole lot smarter.

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