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4 Document Solutions to Save You Major Time at Work


No matter what industry you work in, you’ve probably encountered some sort of issue with document processes.

No matter what industry you work in, you’ve probably encountered some sort of issue with document processes. In fact, our latest Future of Work survey found 95% of knowledge workers think their organizations could improve the way they handle documents. So, why aren’t more organizations updating their document processes?

Despite higher job satisfaction while working from home, workers need document solutions that help increase productivity and efficiency during work hours — outdated processes won’t cut it anymore.

Why are document processes a pain point for knowledge workers?

Thirty-nine percent of knowledge workers said their workflows are only “somewhat up-to-date at best.” By failing to keep up with efficiency-boosting trends in document productivity, companies create more stress for their workers and hurt their productivity.

While printing and scanning have decreased significantly since 2019, 56% of workers still print and 50% still scan even after the shift to working from home. These legacy paper-based processes take far more time than their digital alternatives, particularly now that employees are working remotely.

Given that 63% of workers work with 6 or more documents per day, inefficient document processes have major potential to disrupt and slow down daily workflows.

Enable your workforce to work smarter: Document time-saving techniques to try out

Upgrading outdated document processes can’t sit on the backburner for much longer. Most employees (73%) expect to continue working from home as much or more even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, making digital transformation more urgent than ever.

These time-saving document solutions are simple first steps to increasing efficiency and adapting to remote work:

1. eSigning

Around 51% of printing is done for the sole purpose of getting a signature. All that paper and ink is not only costly, but it’s also time consuming. The process is so familiar that it seems harmless enough. In reality, it’s a multi-step process that eats into working hours, especially for workers who need to sign or request signatures multiple times per day. It requires printing, retrieving paper, walking to another desk or mailing the paper, waiting for a response, sending follow-ups, and filing the paper document.

The right eSigning solution, on the other hand, automates the entire process. With in-person signing being relatively impossible due to COVID-19, eSigning is the way to go. Automatic signature requests and follow-ups dramatically decrease turnaround time, and electronic signatures can be created and added in seconds.

2. Equipping everyone with the tools for paperless workflows

IT decision makers and management should consider document processing software for the most common file types. Just as Microsoft Word or Google Docs are considered a standard work tool for nearly every knowledge worker, a powerful PDF software is just as important.

Seventy-five percent of the documents knowledge workers encounter are PDFs. Without a PDF reading and editing software, paperless workflows aren’t possible for most workers.

3. Collaborating in the cloud

Even some digital paperwork processes have their pain points, namely collaborating on a document via email attachments. Eighty-one percent of workers have experienced the frustration of working with the wrong version of a document. Email attachments leave multiple versions of a document floating around, creating the potential for mix-ups like this.

Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Office or Nitro Sign centralize collaborative work to a single document where notes and comments are reflected. This is especially important for remote workers, allowing them to work together on a document without the need for more video meetings.

4. Choosing multi-purpose digital tools

App overload is a real challenge to going paperless. Inundate workers with too much new tech at once, and you’ll likely face pushback and low user adoption. Whenever possible, opt for tools that combine multiple solutions into one. Nitro Pro™ combines eSigning and PDF productivity into one user-friendly software for smoother workflows and maximum document productivity.

How Nitro’s tools are increasing productivity in the workplace

The classic paper-based workflow is less efficient, outdated, and a hindrance to productivity, especially for enterprise employees who tend to spend 8+ hours daily on a computer. But that doesn’t mean your organization is stuck with those time-consuming processes.

Nitro PDF Pro has helped major enterprises achieve a measurable reduction in printing, increased productivity, and faster turnaround time on signed documents. Contact us to learn more how Nitro can impact your business.