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Four Recommendations for an Agile Business Strategy


We all know modern business moves extremely fast, and whether or not yours can keep up hinges on the ability to understand and adapt to the rapid changes. If your team is equipped with a simple and clear document management strategy that supports your business initiatives, you’re one step ahead of the game.

Technology enables businesses to move extremely fast—and modern workforces now more than ever are using it to adapt to today’s evolving digital workplace. Remote work is no longer a perk but an imperative standard operating procedure. Although global business has anticipated these policies for decades, the process of going remote requires a combination of agile strategy and digital transformation.

One of the biggest threats to transitioning to 100% remote work is ensuring that productivity isn’t negatively impacted. Research shows that when employees feel unproductive, they also feel more stressed, less supported, less satisfied, and less able to meet customer needs.

Navigating business transformation, regardless of what it is, starts with an agile-based strategy centered on transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

Four Recommendations for an Agile Business Strategy

  1. Simplify your business processes. Start by looking at the established range of processes within the company—are there any steps that can be combined or removed, or individuals that don’t really need to be involved? Who or what emerges as blockers of progress on a regular basis? Taking the time to examine workflows, identify opportunities to streamline, and implement compatible tools (like project management software, digital document solutions, or cloud collaboration) impacts efficiency in a big way.
  2. Honor the changing roles of IT. IT departments that encourage teams to introduce new solutions will only improve their existing tool stack. For distributed teams that no longer have access to equipment like printers and scanners, prioritize finding the tools that your team needs to work with documents 100% digitally. Digital transformation can help reduce costs and makes workflows accessible so users can effectively work from anywhere with contracts, forms, spreadsheets, blueprints, or beyond.
  3. Refocus initiatives around customer experience. How can you improve the customer experience in times like these? It’s more important than ever to check in with your customers to see how you can best support them and their goals. Keep your document management strategy simple, and grant clients on-demand access to their contracts. A solution like Nitro Cloud not only helps track the document journey and expedite electronic signing and review, but it provides visibility and convenience—both huge factors in maintaining satisfaction all around.
  4. Adjust to a remote workforce. Working remotely is a new reality for almost every industry—through Nitro Analytics data since February 2020, we’ve already seen a 50% increase in eSignature requests sent per week via Nitro Cloud and a 51% reduction in overall printing activity through Nitro Pro. Like your customer success strategy, your business’s strategy of going remote should leverage 100% digital workflows to improve workplace productivity.

Fostering Collaboration Through Documents

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