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PDF-Produktivität auf höchstem Niveau mit Nitro: Die 6 häufigsten Anwendungsfälle


Digital transformation is often a long and winding journey. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Going 100% digital can help your bottom line.

Digital transformation is often a long and winding journey. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Going 100% digital can help your bottom line and impact the success of your entire team.

Wir haben einige der aussagekräftigsten Geschichten unserer Kunden zur digitalen Transformation zusammengestellt, damit Sie ihre Erfolge wiederholen können.

Continue reading or jump right into the full eBook to get tactics, tips, and strategies so you can:

  • PDF-Workflows auf einer einzigen, erschwinglichen Plattform zu standardisieren
  • Das Druckaufkommen und Papierverschwendung zu reduzieren
  • Eine nahtlose, effizientere Mitarbeitererfahrung zu bieten, die nicht nur für Ihr Unternehmen, sondern vor allem für Ihren Kunden funktioniert

We could talk for hours (and we do) about factors that contribute to and detract from productivity in the workplace and tactical approaches to address these but for now, let’s take a look at six common use cases for implementing next-level PDF productivity identified by experts at Zebra, Continental, Howden, JLL, Swiss Re, and T-Mobile. Happy reading!

1. Lösungen für Dokumente in einem neu übernommenen Team bereitstellen

Egal, ob Sie PDF-Tools für ein bestehendes Team standardisieren oder ein neues Team schnell aufrüsten – es ist wichtig, die Produktivität hoch zu halten und Zeitverluste zu minimieren, während Ihre Mitarbeiter sich an ihre neue Arbeitsweise gewöhnen.

For example, after an acquisition, Zebra quickly grew to over 7,000 employees. During this transition, change management was essential so that team members felt supported as they adjusted to new tools and workflows. As a result of the acquisition, more employees moved to Nitro to edit and manage PDFs. Zebra depended on the Nitro onboarding team and training materials to quickly get comfortable with the product.

2. Mehr Mitarbeiter mit erschwinglichen PDF-Lösungen ausstatten

Equipping every knowledge worker—not just the “lucky few”—with the digital tools to accomplish their most common workflows quickly and easily will help your organization move towards a more efficient and modern workplace.

IT stakeholders at Continental faced several challenges with their deployment of Adobe® Acrobat®. The complicated licensing model was expensive and hard to expand beyond a select group of users, leaving many employees to find ad hoc document solutions on their own. They turned to Nitro to standardize PDF workflows on a single, affordable platform and reduce the amount of waste from printing and storing paper contracts.

Simple, straightforward pricing and expert onboarding support helped Continental make the transition with ease and equip their entire team with tools for PDF productivity and eSigning.

3. Intelligentere Technologiebeschaffung und erstklassige Sicherheit

Technical complexity and outdated systems put your company and data at risk. The good news is you no longer need to choose between usability and security.

The IT team at Howden wanted to scale by combining global workflows for PDF editing and eSigning to a single platform and increase data security. They eliminated old versions of the PDF software in use at the time—many of these were outdated and were eating into the IT budget.

Howden turned to Nitro to ensure users got the PDF editing and eSigning capabilities they needed from a single, secure platform. Now they enjoy a lower risk of non-compliance, more cost savings, and increased productivity right across the organization.

4. Globale digitale Transformation

Unternehmen Sie groß angelegte Schritte in Richtung digitale Transformation, indem Sie das Support-Team von Nitro einsetzen, um neue Benutzer zu schulen und schnellere, papierlose Workflows zu ermöglichen.

When JLL implemented its five-year plan for digital transformation many of their document processes, like invoicing and AP workflows, were still paper-based and manual. For the global commercial real estate firm, their plan included greatly reducing paper contracts to eventually eliminate them altogether. Only a fraction of employees had access to PDF editing tools, creating workflow bottlenecks and limiting the adoption of digital processes.

Das Unternehmen wählte Nitro aufgrund seiner innovativen Roadmap, seines starken Angebots für den Kundenerfolg und seiner erwiesenen Fähigkeit, die Benutzerproduktivität zu steigern. Die Mitarbeiter sollten mit der bestmöglichen Lösung für Dokumentenproduktivität ausgestattet werden.

5. Skalieren und Verschwendung reduzieren

Um wirklich digital zu werden, müssen Sie den Mitarbeiterzugriff auf Tools ausweiten, die es ihnen ermöglichen, die Nutzung von Papier zu eliminieren.

For instance, Swiss Re undertook a huge initiative to overhaul its document processes, specifically migrating all insurance contracts to an electronic format. Nitro worked closely with the Swiss Re IT team to tailor implementation and deployment to meet these unique requirements without exceeding expected costs, resulting in an unprecedented scale of paper-free document workflows for the company. In the end, Swiss Re was able to equip 9,000 users with Nitro to manage its digital contracts.

6. Ein reibungsloser Wechsel von Adobe® Acrobat®

You can improve document workflows for everyone and get simple, straightforward pricing and licensing options for your IT procurement.

Driven by the goal to provide a better experience for its 1,300 Austrian employees, T-Mobile Austria was on the hunt for an alternative to Adobe® Acrobat®. Like many large companies, T-Mobile wasn’t standardized on a single version of Adobe®. They wanted to eliminate old or disparate solutions, simplify IT procurement, and see cost savings. They enlisted Nitro as their new platform for document productivity. As rollout commenced, the T-Mobile team felt confident in Nitro’s one-on-one support. The Nitro team also helped the company fulfill its unique technical needs, making compliance a top priority before and during implementation.

Wie lösen Sie Ihre größten Herausforderungen in Bezug auf Dokumente?

Find out how companies are solving these challenges today with scalable PDF workflows in this eBook.

Digitization at scale is attainable but it can also be affordable, easy to implement, and even propel your company to greater levels of innovation and agility. To get there, companies need to find the right technology partner.

Nitro helps companies across the globe increase document productivity and find cost savings by standardizing on a single platform bringing PDF productivity and unlimited eSigning under one roof.

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