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So standardisieren Sie das digitale Vertragsmanagement und die Prozesse


Vertragsmanagement ist ein wichtiger Teil des Geschäfts. Verträge machen für die meisten Unternehmen die Überweisung von Hunderttausenden (wenn nicht Millionen) von Dollar jährlich aus.

But as procurement leaders inherently know, manual contract management and decentralized storage create a variety of risks — from overlooking compliance issues to unnecessary operating costs.

So, how can organizations automate contract management systems and create centralized storage for these important documents? Here are some solutions to help your business go digital quickly and painlessly:

Increase accessibility

It’s important to make processes simple, both internally within your organization but also externally with customers and vendors. Make it easy for them to share contracts, amendments, and signatures in a secure electronic format. With the added security of two-factor authentication, eSignature solutions provide a secure way to digitize and thereby simplify contract management.

Automate workflows

Reduce the burden on procurement managers and teams by standardizing how your customers and vendors receive contracts. When you automate contract workflows, you eliminate inefficient paper-based processes and can use features like built-in workflow reminders to notify those that still need to sign documents.

Boost compliance

Standardizing digital contract workflows also minimizes compliance risk. With Nitro Sign™, for example, you can establish an audit trail for your documents, and ensure no critical signatures are missed in agreements (since stakeholders can’t complete an eSignature request if they skip any signature fields within a document). By adopting contract management processes that are 100% digital, you reduce the potential for oversights and increase efficiencies for hundreds, if not thousands, of employees.

Increase internal visibility

Make it easier for sales teams and procurement leaders to find contracts and agreements with centralized storage management. Electronic storage increases security and reduces the need to routinely search for paper or scanned documents. Additionally, with PDF productivity solutions employees can collaborate more easily, know where contracts are in the pipeline, and see what steps still need completion — whether it’s reviewing, adding amendments, or eSignatures.

If you don’t have time to train your team on how to use a document productivity solution, Nitro has you covered. Our change management experts will work with you to create an implementation strategy that helps optimize inefficient processes and automate more parts of your document workflows.


Digitale Dokumententransformation von Anfang bis Ende

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