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Sie möchten sich von Papier verabschieden? 5 Vorteile für Sie und Ihr Team

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As much of the world adopts work from home policies, moving from paper to digital documents is critical to enable organizations of all sizes to facilitate “business as usual."

As much of the world adopts work from home policies, moving from paper to digital documents is critical to enable organizations of all sizes to facilitate “business as usual” from anywhere.
We can no longer continue doing things the way we have before. We’ve been talking about the paperless office for decades, but the average office worker still uses some 10,000 sheets of paper a year.
Whether your company is working remotely or not—employees can be more productive and successful with 100% digital workflows.

5 Vorteile des Umstiegs auf das papierlose Büro

Hier sind 5 Vorteile, die Sie und Ihr Team durch den Wechsel zu Nitro schnell beobachten werden.

1) Erhebliche Zeiteinsparungen

Administrative tasks can be the biggest thorn in your teams’ side. Whether it’s signing a form, collaborating on a PDF, or preparing a sales contract, documents are everywhere. With today’s technology at our fingertips, we now have the luxury to spend less time on “paperwork” and more time on actual work. Think about how much time can be saved by eliminating printing, signing, and scanning. When your entire team has access to powerful and intuitive tools, your employees can save hours, or even days with features that allow them to create, prepare, and sign documents electronically, quickly, collaboratively, securely, and remotely.

2) Mitarbeiter-Burnout vermeiden

What’s the ideal document workflow for your company? No matter what work you do, it’s best to have a fast turnaround time and less manual entry. These improvements don’t solely change your workflows, they help avoid employee burnout from administrative overload—a productivity killer. Adopting 100% digital document workflows with intuitive features means even first-time users are enabled to work productively with virtually no learning curve. Teams can start using Nitro right away, keeping productivity high and adoption natural.

3) Gain more control by being able to track document workflows

Die Möglichkeit, zu sehen, wann und von wem ein Dokument betrachtet, geteilt, kommentiert oder unterzeichnet wurde, erleichtert die Überwachung des Fortschritts und der Auswirkungen Ihrer Dokumente. Ihr Team wird in Echtzeit benachrichtigt, wenn ein Dokument den Online-Signaturprozess durchläuft, sodass Sie über jeden Schritt informiert sind. Wenn jemand vergisst zu unterschreiben, können Sie innerhalb von Sekunden Erinnerungen versenden. So können Sie mehr Zeit mit Arbeit und weniger Zeit mit dem Einholen fehlender Unterschriften verbringen. Und obendrein werden Ihre Dokumenten-Workflows sicherer.

4) Besseres Benutzererlebnis

Paper’s prevalence creates an outdated and cumbersome customer and employee experience. Ninety-seven percent of knowledge workers see room for improvement in how their companies handle documents. Many knowledge workers feel stressed and frustrated at work. Forty-four percent of employees say they work with 10+ documents every day. By improving document processes, knowledge workers said employers could help them reduce tedious tasks—making it easier for employees to do their job.

5) Access to support team and resources

Some people learn best by doing and most appreciate being given the resources they need to explore a new idea. Our Customer Success team works with you to maximize your Nitro investment—from deployment to user adoption. With around-the-clock support, we’re here to help users take advantage of features that improve their success. You will get expert help to achieve your unique goals, whether that’s increasing user adoption, optimizing inefficient document processes or simply reducing printing.
Final thought: The journey to a paperless business is one worth taking.
A document management strategy marks the difference between a company that has a clear commitment to alignment from one that only pays it lip service.
Dedication to efficiency and equity in how your employees accomplish tasks can seem like a high mountain to scale. But when you reach that summit, fulfilled teams, more informed investments, and higher profits await.

Read this eBook to learn how to empower your teams to be more productive and successful in their daily tasks—and see why customers give Nitro an NPS rating of 72; Adobe’s is 25.


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