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Wie können Finanzdienstleistungsunternehmen wettbewerbsfähig bleiben, während sie im Home-Office arbeiten?


Financial organizations need to create more digital workflows if they want to be successful while operating remotely.

Working remotely during a global pandemic has been a major adjustment for many employees, and companies are doing what they can to adapt. However, many workers still lack the right tools to fully enable working from home. We decided to take a deeper dive into the trends highlighted in Part 2 of The Future of Work report and explored how workers in specific industries are managing this new normal.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the financial services industry.

Did you know pre-COVID, only 26% of financial services professionals were working remotely? Now, that number has jumped to 79%! With more employees at home, it’s important for financial organizations to have the right processes and solutions in place. The problem is many don’t.

Outdated document processes remain a pain point

Laut dem Bericht „Die Zukunft der Arbeit“ gaben 83 % der Arbeitnehmer an, dass sich die Art und Weise, wie ihr Unternehmen mit Dokumenten umgeht, während der COVID-19-Pandemie nicht wesentlich verbessert hat. Außerdem drucken 56 % der Außendienstmitarbeiter immer noch Dokumente aus. 50 % verlangen Scans, obwohl mehr als 60 % der Mitarbeiter zu Hause weder Drucker noch Scanner haben.

Diese Art von Ineffizienz ist äußerst problematisch für Mitarbeiter im Finanzwesen, die täglich mit einer erheblichen Anzahl von Dokumenten arbeiten. Über 40 % verwalten mehr als 10 Dokumente am Tag und 13 % arbeiten mit mehr als 20 Dokumenten am Tag!

Can you imagine printing off that many documents daily? It might’ve been manageable at the start of the pandemic, but at this point, it’s no longer acceptable. Bottom line: Financial organizations need to create more digital workflows.

Having a digital document solution will not only help increase productivity, but also reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction, and boost profitability.

Financial services companies need to change their ways

Sixty percent of financial professionals manage documents regularly in their role. So, it’s critical for organizations to start streamlining document workflows. Financial services companies like Swiss Re, Barclays, AIB, and Assurance are already ahead of the game, reaping the benefits of document productivity tools.

If financial companies want to gain a competitive edge in this new remote environment, going digital is key.

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