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How to Streamline the New Hire Paperwork Process

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If your HR department hasn’t jumped on the digital bandwagon yet, here are three reasons to move your new hire paperwork and general HR processes online. Sign up with Nitro today!

Managing new hire paperwork is challenging in the best of times. Add COVID-19 to the mix and HR teams have found processing new hires even more trying, especially those working for companies still using paper-based processes. This “new normal” has made it more critical than ever for organizations to digitize their new hire paperwork.

In the first installment of our Future of Work report, we saw a 52% decline in global printing as employees shifted to working from home. Those paper-based workflows will continue to decline as organizations see the benefit of having more remote teams and less paper to shuffle.

If your HR department hasn’t jumped on the digital bandwagon yet or has some workflow gaps, here are three reasons to move your new hire paperwork online.

3 reasons for new hire paperwork online

1. It saves time and money

Up until recently, global business was addicted to paper. In fact, data from 2017 indicates the average person generated 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Not only does paper dependence have negative impacts on the environment, it also creates more time-consuming work — all that time printing, filing, and searching for documents can really add up. Shifting to electronic new hire paperwork will not only free up HR’s time, but will also save you money down the line.

2. It improves accuracy and compliance

Electronic new hire paperwork can help HR teams avoid errors and discrepancies that naturally occur when onboarding new employees manually. Solutions like Nitro PDF Pro™ can help your HR department remain consistent in application of company processes through use of fillable forms, long-term document preservation, document tracking, and secure sharing.

3. It enhances collaboration

With a PDF sharing solution, HR can collaborate more effectively with other team members without having to print a single page. And adding an eSigning tool to the mix makes the new hire process even sleeker with the ability to collect eSignatures for every onboarding document.

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What new hire paperwork online can be eSigned

Electronic new hire paperwork just might change your HR department’s life. Instead of printing and/or scanning dozens of documents, they can obtain secure, verified eSignatures from new hires without having to go near the office printer.

New hire paperwork that can be completed online includes:

  • W-4 and state tax forms
  • I-9 forms and I-9 verification
  • Direct deposit forms
  • Employee handbook documents
  • Consent forms for background checks
  • Employment verification forms
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Digitizing these documents will not only speed up the new hire process, but will also offer a new level of security (more than an office filing cabinet can provide). With a solution like Nitro Sign, HR can control who has access to files for how long and revoke access instantaneously.

5 additional HR processes that can be digitized

Digitization doesn’t have to stop at new hire paperwork. HR teams can bring a ton of other organizational processes online to make their overall workflows more efficient and effective as well as gain a competitive edge.

1. Digital Forms

Our Future of Work report found nearly 30% of HR professionals work with 6-10 documents daily, and 16% work with 11-15. That’s a lot of HR forms to manage, especially if they have to be filled out manually. Making these forms digital will help speed up processing time and keep documents organized.

2. HR Admin Activities

Moving typical admin tasks like time off requests and performance improvement plans to an HR solutions software like ADP will save a ton of time and headaches in the long run. This allows everything to be in one place and makes employee requests and changes easier to manage.

3. Off Boarding Checklist

Off boarding an employee can be just as difficult as onboarding one if you don’t have the right digital tools in place. Using a solution like Nitro to get important and sensitive offboarding documents signed will make the process move much smoother.

4. Compliance Paperwork

Using physical documents makes it challenging for HR teams to ensure records are compliant with legal requirements. Investing in a digital document solution can help mitigate this issue by giving HR insight into which documents they have, which are missing, and which are no longer needed. Making this switch offers organizations simplified compliance, better security, dramatically improved operational efficiency, and reduced risk of noncompliance.

5. Recruitment Paperwork

The traditional process of getting offer letters and NDA agreements signed is time-consuming: Email the candidate an offer letter or agreement, have them print the documents out, sign them, then scan and send them back. Digitizing this paperwork makes it easier for both HR managers and candidates. With an eSigning tool, they can sign and send documents back in just a few clicks.

It’s time to prepare HR for the future of work

It’s unlikely the workplace of the past will be returning…even once the pandemic has passed. So, it’s important your HR department has the right tools to enable this new remote work reality.