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Change Management ist nicht leicht, aber mit dem Nitro-Pilotprogramm wird es zum Kinderspiel


Eine Lösung für Dokumentenproduktivität ist – wie jeder andere geschäftliche Service – als Investition zu betrachten. Verglichen mit den Kosten für das manuelle Dokumentenmanagement lässt sich jedoch leicht das enorme Einsparungspotenzial für Unternehmen erkennen.

Eine Lösung für Dokumentenproduktivität ist – wie jeder andere geschäftliche Service – als Investition zu betrachten. Verglichen mit den Kosten für das manuelle Dokumentenmanagement lässt sich jedoch leicht das enorme Einsparungspotenzial für Unternehmen erkennen.

We are reminded daily that the only constant in life is change, and to succeed in business we must remain agile. That all makes sense in theory, but in practice, to change how we operate or to switch from a legacy solution and implement a company-wide change is no small feat.

At Nitro, we don’t let you manage change alone. We help with change management in several ways. The Nitro Pilot Program prepares, plans, and sets expectations for change management. As part of the program, we engage early on to make sure there are no surprises down the road, making it easier to get the implementation off the ground post-pilot if Nitro is the right product, technical, and partner fit. To ensure employee buy-in and understanding, Nitro provides an expert onboarding and support team available to every user.

We spoke with Nitro’s VP of Customer Experience, Jennifer Murray, about the pilot program and what Nitro has learned from helping hundreds of large global organizations to successfully make the switch to Nitro.

Jump right into the conversation below to uncover ways to reduce disruption to important work as you deploy a company-wide change and directly address employee reluctance to adopt a new solution.

Was ist das Nitro-Pilotprogramm und wie funktioniert es normalerweise?

It’s the best way to explore all that the Nitro Productivity Platform has to offer. It’s a no-risk trial. Built with businesses of all sizes in mind, it helps you feel confident navigating the long—and sometimes challenging—road of introducing a new document productivity technology solution.

The pilot runs anywhere from one to three months, and we do all the heavy lifting. Guided by Nitro with minimal resource impact, it allows for in-depth user testing and technical evaluation, but also demonstrates how Nitro is the right product, technical, and partner fit.

The program is divided into five stages; Planning; IT Validation; Training; Evaluation; and Executive Briefing. In the end, you’ll be able to successfully launch, educate your company, and prove the ROI of your strategic investment. 90% of customers go from pilot start to full deployment in less than eight weeks meaning that you can tap into the enormous saving potential of Nitro sooner than you might think.

Mitarbeiter dazu zu bringen, sich für ein neues Tool zu begeistern, kann eine Herausforderung sein. Wie hilft Nitro Unternehmen jeder Größenordnung bei der Bewältigung dieser Herausforderungen und der Inspiration zur flächendeckenden Benutzerakzeptanz?

Absolutely, there are several reasons why employees resist change. Simply knowing that it’s time to enable 100% digital document workflows doesn’t necessarily make it any easier for knowledge workers, team leaders, and departmental heads to overcome old habits and adopt new technology overnight. We identify potential roadblocks and their solutions early on so that you can be prepared for these. Including a cross-section of departments helps encourage wide-spread adoption. Together we plan key development milestones, action items, owners, go-live date, and staff training sessions so everyone is clear on what is happening and when.

Educating users about Nitro helps with adoption and buy-in. It’s important to explain why. People are more accepting of technology changes if they understand why and how it’s going to help them daily. We provide tailored employee communication, so your stakeholders communicate the right messaging at each phase of the pilot. User support goes a long way to helping folks get comfortable using Nitro. We’ve always got your back—our Support team is ready to help 24/7. We offer an extensive Learning Centre full of useful information (self-help resources, including videos, step-by-step instructions, Knowledge Base articles and more) that make it easy for users to get the help they need, when they need it.

Wie wichtig ist es, um schnell Resultate zu sehen, dass man die Endbenutzer von Anfang an in die Implementierung einbezieht?

After years of successful implementations, we’ve learned that the best way to prepare is to understand your requirements. The pilot allows for an unlimited number of participants to ensure a cross-section of departments/user groups and workflows are represented. We can identify scenarios where certain users may need additional training or functionality. By being proactive and including as many testers as possible, you can ease concerns, address questions, implement important feedback, and overall inspire high adoption and low drama.

Warum entscheiden sich Kunden Ihrer Erfahrung nach für Nitro? Gibt es besondere Gründe? 

Teams of every shape and size have already made Nitro their trusted document productivity solution. This boils down to a few reasons and one is that we partner with them for the long run. Not only do we help customers reach their goals, but Nitro support goes way beyond implementation and deployment, and this sets us apart. From helping eliminate all paper-based processes to increasing organization-wide productivity to enabling PDF software standardization, Nitro’s solutions empower our customers to advance their strategic initiatives.

It’s quite easy to see the enormous saving potential for companies in choosing Nitro. Every pilot program we run ends with an executive briefing that validates technical, product and partner fit, provides insights into PDF/eSigning feature usage, details user feedback and ratings, and demonstrates productivity savings potential/ROI. This briefing gives customers a comprehensive view of how Nitro can really impact their business. ‍

Welche Ressourcen sind für Kunden, die am Change Management beteiligt sind, am hilfreichsten? Gibt es Verhaltensweisen, die darauf hindeuten, dass ein bestimmter Inhalt besonders hilfreich ist?

We have multiple resources to help users see how easy and intuitive the Nitro Productivity Platform is to use. For example, Nitro provides a customized microsite that contains lots of self-help and training resources, like video tutorials and “how-to” guides. The Learning Center includes demos, step-by-step instructions, links to the Nitro Community Forum, and the complete Nitro PDF Pro User Guide.

Darüber hinaus bieten wir spezielle „Train-the-Trainer“-Schulungen an, um sicherzustellen, dass das IT-/Helpdesk-Team Ihres Unternehmens über die nötigen Kenntnisse und die Expertise verfügt, um häufige Probleme und Fragen im Zusammenhang mit Nitro schnell zu beheben. Wenn Ihre IT-Abteilung bzw. Ihr Helpdesk erst einmal bessere Möglichkeiten kennt, um einen Arbeitsablauf abzuschließen, wird die Umsetzung einer unternehmensweiten Umstellung zum Kinderspiel. Unternehmen haben Zugang zu einem eigens zugewiesenen Lösungs-Techniker, der bereitsteht, um von Nitro gehostete Schulungs-Webinare zu planen, die auf spezifische Arbeitsabläufe zugeschnitten sind.

Wir stellen maßgeschneiderte Change-Management-Kommunikation für Mitarbeiter zur Verfügung, die den Stakeholdern hilft, in jeder Phase des Pilotprojekts die richtige Botschaft zu vermitteln, um die Akzeptanz durch die Endbenutzer sicherzustellen.

Welche Unterstützung bietet Nitro Unternehmen neben dem Nitro-Pilotprogramm sonst noch, um bei der Implementierung zu helfen? 

Nitro Customer Support continues beyond the pilot program. Our mission is to ensure that you have the assistance, change management guidance and resources needed to be successful throughout every stage of the Nitro experience Nitro will ensure you have everything needed for a successful rollout, including change management guidance and technical/integration support. We will continue to stay engaged after your initial Nitro rollout to ensure your users are using Nitro as effectively and efficiently as possible, ensuring you are realizing the full value of your investment. And all your end-users will have unlimited 24×7 access to Nitro’s global Customer Support, 365 days a year. This reliable support helps organizations when they are adapting and ensures teams can stay productive no matter where they’re working from.

We see our customers as partners and are committed to your success!

Abschließende Gedanken

There you have it! Pushback and risk of disruption are no match for this simple, yet robust, Pilot Program. Nitro’s dedicated Pilot takes your document productivity technology solution from a mere thought to a fully-implemented and adopted system—time and time again.

Want to know more about reducing the risk of disruption to important work as you deploy a company-wide change? Read this eBook to learn about our expert onboarding and support team that’s available to every Nitro user and more ways we help our customers with change management.


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