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With powerful features and affordable pricing, Nitro’s best-in-class software solutions can benefit every knowledge worker, helping organizations reduce printing and improve productivity, document security, and corporate sustainability. These elements are essential in building a strong foundation for successful digital transformation—a top priority for CIOs across the globe.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Nitro has been disrupting the PDF market since 2005, and Nitro Pro remains the first and leading replacement for Adobe® Acrobat®. Now, the Nitro Productivity Suite combines the PDF productivity of Nitro PDF Pro with the unlimited electronic signatures of Nitro Sign® to empower customers to accomplish more with documents every day.

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Our products

Nitro Productivity Suite measurably accelerates digital transformation by extending PDF productivity tools and unlimited eSigning to every knowledge worker. This easy-to-use, affordable solution includes Nitro Pro, the leading replacement for Adobe Acrobat; Nitro Sign, a browser-based application that provides lightweight, unlimited eSigning; Nitro Admin, a cloud-based services that simplifies user management and deployment; and Nitro Analytics, a managed service that leverages usage insights to drive adoption and maximize ROI.

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Nitro Productivity Suite
Nitro Pro
Nitro Sign

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Nitro Productivity Suite
Nitro Analytics
Nitro Pro
Productivity Unleashed
Nitro Sign®
eSigning for All
Nitro Admin

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Our recent press

Nitro Productivity Suite blasts into PDF and eSigning market

Appeared in IT Wire on June 13th, 2018

'Businesses today are experiencing digital transformation blockers. They need a faster, easier way to edit, sign, and share documents instead of printing, signing with a pen, scanning, and emailing,' said Nitro founder and chief executive Sam Chandler.

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Digitization of Paper-Based Processes

Appeared in on June 13th, 2018

'Nitro’s effort is the classic one of democratizing a technology to get it into the hands of all the people who can use it and thus reap the benefits for their organizations,' writes Denis Pombriant, Managing Principal at Beagle Research.

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Our leadership

Sam Chandler,

Gründer & CEO

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Gina O’Reilly,


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Richard Wenzel,

VP, Strategic Operations

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Sam Chandler, Founder & CEO

Sam started his first company at 16, while still in high school, and his second at 21, while attending university. After founding Nitro with several friends in Melbourne in 2005, the once-tiny startup has gone on to become a Silicon Valley success story. Today, Sam leads a team of over 200 Nitronauts across the US, Australia, Europe and Asia, and every month, millions of people in nearly 200 countries use Nitro products.

Sam was the Ernst and Young Australian Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014. He's on a permanent leave of absence from Melbourne's RMIT University, where he studied business, after moving to San Francisco to establish Nitro’s global headquarters. On the weekends, depending on the weather and the season, you’ll typically find him motorcycling, cycling or skiing.

Gina O'Reilly, COO

Part of the Nitro team as COO since 2008, Gina has global responsibility for the Business Operations, Marketing, and People functions, including Employee Experience and Talent. With over 15 years of software industry experience, Gina seeks to attract, retain, and cultivate the best talent at Nitro. In order to accomplish this goal, she is passionate about developing a creative, challenging, fun, diverse, and inspiring work environment that makes every Nitronaut feel that his or her contribution helps grow the business. Prior to Nitro, Gina oversaw global sales and marketing at activePDF, a leading provider of server-side PDF solutions and developer tools.

Fluent in French, Gina holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix as well as a BA International Marketing & Languages from Dublin City University, Ireland. In her spare time, Gina loves good food and wine, keeping fit, travel, and plenty of California sunshine.

Rich Wenzel, VP Strategic Operations

One of Nitro's founders, and now serving as VP of Strategic Operations, Rich is responsible for corporate operations, compliance, corporate governance, key treasury functions, and legal and shareholder affairs.

Prior to joining Nitro, Rich was an advisor at the Kerry Packer-controlled Challenger Group, in Melbourne. Rich returned to Melbourne from Milan, where he managed funding requirements for the Italian office of Bankers Trust (now part of Deutsche Bank AG), prior to which he was in London, where he worked as a trader in the treasury department.