Nitro Helps McConnell Dowell Save Upwards of 50%
“We managed to transition to Nitro within 30 days, and the experience from every angle was exceptional.”
Victoria, Australia
Customer since 2020
Nitro PDF Pro, Nitro Sign
Goodbye Adobe®. Hello savings.
Reduce licensing fees and chop printing/photocopying costs
McConnell Dowell was spending a relatively large amount on licensing for the incumbent PDF authoring solution and a far larger amount on printing and photocopying. Replacing the embedded solution with a more cost effective yet equally capable one was not going to be easy, but certainly worthwhile given the significant ongoing cost savings.
Nitro’s cost-effective PDF alternative
McConnell Dowell’s Group GM of IT, Heinrich Kukkuk, chose to switch to Nitro in October 2020. Nitro worked with McConnell Dowell to phase the implementation, ensuring incremental roll out to their teams across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. McConnell Dowell’s IT team partnered with Nitro to initially rollout over 1,000 licenses, immediately realizing cost savings in year one. Additionally, the teams are working together to uncover use cases throughout the company that would benefit from unlimited eSigning and hence reduce printing.

The Results

McConnell Dowell is projected to save up to 50% in related costs based on current consumption and more once it has been deployed to its remaining user base.
Seamless migration
McConnell Dowell achieved broad adoption and positive user feedback through Nitro’s Change Management program.
Increased employee productivity
Nitro helped McConnell Dowell’s teams minimize wasted time through the use of features such as team documents and templates.
Additional cost savings with eSigning
McConnell Dowell cut costs and increased efficiency with unlimited eSigning.
Flexible deployment
Nitro was deployed in a phased manner that aligned to the expiration dates of existing contracts across all regions.
The powerful and user-friendly platform, fantastic change management and ongoing support are world class, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more companies make the switch when they are faced with their next license renewal.
Heinrich Kukkuk | Group General Manager Information Technology

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May 05, 2021 11:47 AM
Pacific National partnered with Nitro to expand PDF productivity and eSigning capabilities to 3,500 employees.
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JLL rolled out Nitro to 2,000+ Australian users, getting them closer to eliminating non-digital processes.
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