PDF Productivity and eSigning for All at Pacific National

“I feel like we’re actually giving people better tools to do their job, for less money. Ultimately, Nitro is helping me achieve my goal to enable our workforce to improve cost efficiencies and productivity.”

Sarah McCullough
Business Applications Manager at Pacific National

As Australia’s largest combined freight rail company, Pacific National provides intermodal, break bulk, and bulk haulage rail services across the country. With over 100 sites across Australia, Pacific National is committed to sustainable business practices and safety excellence while using insights and expertise to drive innovation.


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When Pacific National split from parent company, Asciano Limited, in 2014, Business Applications Manager Sarah McCullough used the organizational restructuring as an opportunity to explore new PDF productivity solutions. Her goal for the solution was two-fold: to work smoothly within Pacific National’s virtualized environment while enabling her to equip the entire workforce with critical document productivity tools.

Before Nitro:

  • With 3,500 employees and just 500 Adobe Acrobat Pro licenses to go around, Sarah and team were in search of a solution and vendor offering a licensing model that would affordably expand PDF productivity and eSignature capabilities to every Pacific National worker, not just select user groups.
  • Pacific National’s distributed workforce runs on a virtualized environment, and Sarah’s team had significant challenges finding a PDF productivity solution that was compatible with their Citrix desktop.
  • Over 85% of Pacific National’s knowledge workers weren’t fully equipped to work with PDFs, and Sarah noticed that users were frequently printing to sign, share, and manipulate documents—which created paper waste and convoluted workflows.

I had a specific goal to ensure everyone in my organization was licensed—even the field workers I knew would seldom use Nitro. I wanted to fully integrate these tools into our workflows and eliminate any worry about whether or not a team member could perform a given task.”

Sarah McCullough
Business Applications Manager

The Nitro Difference

Licensing flexibility

In Nitro, Sarah found a partner that enabled her to negotiate an enterprise licensing agreement through which every user—and every device—would be equipped with Nitro.

Change management and adoption support

Early on, Sarah and her IT team were introduced to Nitro’s Customer Success team, who helped her frame the benefits of Nitro for users and develop use case–specific training for different groups.

Deployment capabilities

Running a distributed virtualized environment across 90+ sites nationwide meant that Pacific National required a solution that integrated seamlessly with Citrix. After thorough evaluation, Nitro was a winner for easy deployment and maintenance.

Nitro’s Customer Success team helped us frame up the benefits for our users, so they could consume it all. If we had more software partners who could do that with us, we’d have much better adoption across more of our software.”

Sarah McCullough
Business Applications Manager

Key Takeaways

This partnership with Nitro has opened the door for Sarah and team to plan for a print optimization project—a big step toward the company’s sustainability mission and Sarah’s personal goal of ultimately eliminating paper across Pacific National’s workforce.

Successful deployment in virtualized environment

Every user and device licensed

Standardized processes and workflows

Broad user adoption and satisfaction

I think everyone should have a tool that allows them the functionality that Nitro delivers to Pacific National, because it makes everyone more productive.”

Sarah McCullough
Business Applications Manager

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