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SignNow vs. DocuSign: Choosing the Right eSignature Solution Based on Your Business Needs

Outdated business processes and paperwork have been making the switch to digital for years. The recent explosion in remote work has only hastened that shift.

Today, crucial agreements and negotiations are conducted entirely online—and businesses need a solution that allows them to send and eSign documents quickly and easily, with minimal impact on their existing workflow.

That’s why choosing the right eSignature tool for your needs is so important. To help, we compared two popular options: signNow and DocuSign.

We focused our evaluation on seven key criteria:

  • Pricing and flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Features and functionality
  • Security
  • Customer support and success
  • Integrations
  • User satisfaction & reviews

Introducing DocuSign

DocuSign was founded in 2003. As the first eSignature solution, the company led the way toward bringing outdated, paper-intensive processes into the digital world. Throughout that journey, they’ve worked with more than a million customers and hundreds of millions of users across the globe.

Today, DocuSign boasts an expanded set of features, a powerful API, and over 350 native integrations to help the product fit seamlessly into any workflow.

DocuSign is still considered a market leader, but many other eSignature solutions have sprung up over the last decade. That’s why, today, it’s well worth the time and effort to ensure you choose the best eSignature tool for your needs.

Introducing signNow

As part of the airSlate Business Cloud, signNow exists to help make eSigning simpler and easier across any device.

With a focus on cross-device usage, automation and a modern UI, signNow has grown quickly. The company was founded in 2011 but already serves more than 20 million users. Plus, more than 40 integrations help signNow fit right into any existing stack.

Today, signNow boasts the capability, user satisfaction and security to stand up as a key competitor to DocuSign.


Winner: signNow

Alternative: Nitro Sign provides unlimited eSignature, robust enterprise grade features, and enterprise support - Take a look at our pricing page.

Both DocuSign and signNow share similar pricing models—four plans, all paid and priced per user per month—and neither offers a free plan that allows users to send signature requests.

On the three lowest tiers, signNow holds a distinct advantage, with lower monthly costs across the board.

DocuSign’s enterprise tier pricing isn’t publicly available online, while signNow’s top tier moves users to the airSlate Business Cloud—a broader product that includes PDF editing and business process automation.

DocuSign pricing

Here’s what pricing looks like for DocuSign:

PersonalStandardBusiness ProAdvanced Solutions
$10/mo$25/user/mo$40/user/moContact DocuSign

SignNow pricing

And here are signNow’s plans:

BusinessPremiumEnterpriseairSlate Business Cloud

Price flexibility

Winner: signNow

Alternative: Nitro Sign does not use envelope or transaction models to limit usage and deployment across your organization, we simply provide unlimited eSignatures across all our plans.

With DocuSign, users on the Personal plan are limited to 5 envelopes (which is what they call signature requests) per month. Even on the Standard and Business Pro plans, DocuSign only allots 100 envelopes per user per year.

SignNow users enjoy unlimited signature requests—regardless of which plan they’re on—making it the more flexible option.

DocuSign does, however, offer the custom Advanced Solutions plan for enterprise customers who need more flexibility.


Winner: signNow

Alternative: Nitro Sign empowers businesses to transform the way they work, by eliminating expensive processes, streamline workflows and accelerate organization-wide productivity. See what Nitro customers are saying.

Thanks to lower pricing overall and unlimited signature requests on every tier, signNow is definitely the more scalable option. SignNow customers never have to upgrade just because their usage needs go up.

Plus, even on the higher end of signNow’s pricing, the airSlate Business Cloud package is only $10 more per month than DocuSign’s Business Pro plan—and it includes added features for editing PDFs, single sign-on (SSO) and automation.


Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro Sign offers the most common eSignature workflows with an affordable, flexible, and secure eSignature solution. Learn more about our features here.

Both DocuSign and signNow offer the standard features you expect from an eSignature solution, including basic fields, routing and mobile friendly eSigning. SignNow’s highest tier includes additional document management and automation features beyond eSigning.

Here are some of the features both solutions offer:

  • Extensive file type support
  • Basic fields
  • Attachments and supplemental documents
  • Data validation
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Signer order and routing
  • Payments
  • Templates
  • Bulk recipients
  • Delivery and receipt acknowledgement
  • Conditional routing
  • Comments
  • Draft watermark
  • Mobile friendly, responsive signing
  • PDF form conversion
  • Real-time updates through API

But DocuSign wins in this category because the tool offers more advanced, eSignature-specific features that signNow lacks. Some of these include:

  • Business fields
  • Document and field mark-up
  • Auto Navigate
  • Smart Sections
  • Document visibility 
  • Self-service web forms
  • Texting tagging and automatic placement
  • Correct and modify sent documents
  • Workspaces


Winner: Tie

Alternative: Nitro Sign also meets standard requirements that lend legal validity to eSignatures, including additional privacy and security requirements such as AICPA, SOC2® Type 2, HIPAA, Privacy Shield and GDPR.

Security, compliance and legal validity are crucial when it comes to eSignatures, and both DocuSign and signNow deliver. Both solutions meet the requirements to bestow their eSignatures with legal validity and earn the most important certifications, including:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 Type II

Both companies also comply with the U.S. E-SIGN Act and GDPR in the E.U. On top of that, DocuSign includes more industry-specific compliance (like FedRAMP) certifications for enterprise customers. SignNow also complies with 21 CFR Part 11, CCPA, CSA STAR and UETA.

Customer support and success

Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro has been supporting some of the world’s most innovative organizations since 2005, take a look at how Nitro ensures successful implementation, adoption and on-going support.

DocuSign and signNow have invested heavily in their self-service support options. Both companies offer release notes, step-by-step tutorials, knowledge bases and FAQs. DocuSign’s self-service resources are a bit more robust, with a full support community and DocuSign University.

In addition to self-service both companies also offer live chat support to all customers, though DocuSign’s chat support is automated. Beyond that, signNow offers phone and personal integration support only to customers on their highest tier.

DocuSign has turned upgraded support into its own product with paid support plans that any user can purchase separately from their regular monthly subscription. Pricing for these plans isn’t publicly available online, but each plan includes additional support channels and response times. The highest Enterprise Premier Support Plan also includes a dedicated technical customer success manager.

From our research, it appears that signNow also has a customer success organization, but it isn’t explicitly promoted on their site.


Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro works with leading technology innovators to bring enhanced flexibility and unlimited performance, see our growing list of integrations here.

Many of our evaluation criteria are close, but this isn’t one of them. With more than 350 native integrations, DocuSign is the clear winner here.

SignNow offers around 40 integrations of their own, and both solutions work with the most common business apps you’d expect, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Salesforce
  • Dropbox
  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • Zapier

Both companies offer an API and Zapier integration that open up a whole world of connections and workflows, but there’s no competing with DocuSign’s massive library of pre-built integrations.

User satisfaction and reviews

Winner: signNow

Alternative: Nitro has been supporting some of the world’s most successful organizations since 2005, take a look at what our customers are saying.

This category is a close one. Both tools have a ton of happy customers and the reviews that follow. SignNow just edges out DocuSign with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 according to G2 (and 1,323 reviewers). DocuSign is rated 4.5 out of 5 on G2 (based on around 1,800 reviews).


For a little more context, have a look at what signNow users have to say:

"The process of signing documents is clear, concise, and requires very little computer know-how. I like the straight-forward process my clients go through to return the document to me. I love the automatic reminders, and the ability to upload documents that contain the form fields already placed. The process is easy, quick, and requires no additional organization from myself or clients."

(source: G2)

"SignNow has such a user friendly interface between our company and our clients to sign contracts electronically. I am a daily SignNow user and rely on the app to create detailed contracts and sign legal documents."

(source: Gartner)

And here’s what DocuSign users report:

"DocuSign eSignature is a perfect tool for digital signature. I am using a couple of more products similar to this but this tool is more user friendly, more secure and has a lot of features as well. [...] The technical support, integration and deployment was very good and pricing is also very good."

(source: Gartner)

"I like that DocuSign allows all signers to access the documents remotely and on their schedule (unlike an in person signing meeting). I also like that locating a document that was previously uploaded is very simple-just in case the file copy gets lost, you can always go back to DocuSign."

(source: G2)

SignNow vs. DocuSign: which tool is right for your business?

SignNow is a great online signature tool for smaller companies that need additional document management features.

Hopefully the comparison above has helped you narrow in on which eSignature solution will work best for your needs. If you’re still unsure, here’s our evaluation:

  • DocuSign is an industry leading tool best suited for larger companies with greater eSignature-specific needs.
  • SignNow is a great online signature tool for smaller companies that need additional document management features.

Nitro Sign®: a great alternative

Don’t feel like either of the solutions above is just right for business? Check out Nitro Sign.

With Nitro Sign, you get the best of both tools: unlimited eSigning included on all plans, lower pricing and access to a platform that includes advanced document management and editing features. Plus, our platform and world-class customer success team are built for easy, fast deployment and ongoing support.

See how we stack up to DocuSign:


Schedule your personalized demo with our sales team to learn more about Nitro Sign.

Or, get started with your free trial today.

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