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Dotloop vs. DocuSign: Choosing the Best eSignature Solution Based on Your Business Needs

In the real estate industry today, many transactions are completed almost entirely online. With more paperwork going digital, it’s critical for agents and brokers to have an eSignature solution they can trust to handle their transactions.

To help, we compared DocuSign for Real Estate against dotloop based on these key criteria:

  • Pricing and flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Features and functionality
  • Security
  • Customer support and success
  • Integrations
  • User satisfaction and reviews

Introducing DocuSign

DocuSign was founded in 2003 as the first eSignature solution to digitize the document management and signature space. Over the last 18 years, the company has worked with more than a million customers—and hundreds of millions of users—across over 180 countries.

Flash forward to today and DocuSign has over 350 native integrations, a powerful API and even more features to make it easy to build DocuSign into your workflow.

Introducing dotloop

Founded in 2009 by Austin Allison, dotloop was designed specifically for the real estate industry to manage everything “from contract to close.” Dotloop offers a broader spectrum of features, along with a smaller, more targeted list of integrations.

Today, the company is owned by Zillow and trusted by big industry players including RE/MAX, Keller Williams, and EXIT Realty.


Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro Sign provides unlimited eSignature, robust enterprise grade features, and enterprise support - Take a look at our pricing page. 

Most of dotloop’s pricing plans require users to contact the company, making it hard to compare pricing. We do know, however, that dotloop’s Premium monthly price is quite a bit higher than three of DocuSign’s four plans.

DocuSign pricing

Here’s DocuSign’s pricing and plan information for real estate:

Real Estate StarterDocuSign for REALTORS®Real EstateEnhanced Real Estate Brokerage Plans
$10/mo$20/user/mo$25/user/moContact DocuSign

Dotloop pricing

And here’s dotloop’s pricing breakdown:

dotloop Premiumdotloop for Teamsdotloop Business+
$29/moContact dotloopContact dotloop

Price flexibility

Winner: dotloop

Alternative: Nitro Sign does not use envelope or transaction models to limit usage and deployment across your organization, we simply provide unlimited eSignatures across all our plans.

DocuSign’s prices may be lower, but dotloop offers more pricing flexibility thanks to unlimited signature allowances on all paid tiers. Plus, dotloop offers a limited free tier that allows REALTORS® to complete up to 10 transactions (with unlimited eSignatures).

DocuSign includes 5 envelopes per month on the Personal plan and up to 100 envelopes per year for each user on their Standard and Business Pro plans.


Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro Sign empowers businesses to transform the way they work, by eliminating expensive processes, streamline workflows and accelerate organization-wide productivity. See what Nitro customers are saying.

While dotloop gets scalability points for their unlimited eSignature allowances, DocuSign’s pricing is more affordable as you scale.


Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro Sign offers the most common eSignature workflows with an affordable, flexible, and secure eSignature solution. Learn more about our features here. 

Both DocuSign and dotloop include the basic features you need for eSigning, including:

  • Audit trail
  • In-person signing
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Mobile app
  • Templates
  • Attachments
  • Custom branding 
  • Single sign-on
  • Support for APIs

DocuSign also offers additional features—like collaborative fields, advanced recipient types and eNotary—with their real estate product.

Dotloop also includes a handful of other features designed specifically for real estate agents and brokers, too:

  • Document editor including split and rotate PDFs
  • MLS and association feeds
  • Clause manager
  • Easy-Offer links


Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro Sign also meets standard requirements that lend legal validity to eSignatures, including additional privacy and security requirements such as AICPA, SOC2® Type 2, HIPAA, Privacy Shield and GDPR.

While both solutions allow users to collect legally valid signatures, DocuSign includes more certifications and support for industry-specific compliance requirements. DocuSign’s certifications include:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2
  • CSA STAR Program
  • GDPR

DocuSign’s enterprise plan also supports industry-specific compliance like HIPAA and FedRAMP.

According to dotloop’s website, the product meets U.S. E-SIGN Act requirements, but the company doesn’t share information on any other certifications or compliance.

Customer support and success

Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro has been supporting some of the world’s most innovative organizations since 2005, take a look at how Nitro ensures successful implementation, adoption and on-going support.

DocuSign and dotloop both prioritize self-service support, investing in robust resources like support communities, release notes, training and tutorials and knowledge bases.

Beyond self-service, dotloop includes phone and email support seven days a week on all plans. In addition, dotloop Teams and Business+ customers can access chat support—and Business+ includes a dedicated success manager, too.

DocuSign includes phone and automated chat support on all plans. Beyond that, any DocuSign user can purchase a separate support plan to access additional support channels and faster response times. The Enterprise Premier Support Plan includes a dedicated technical customer success manager.


Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro works with leading technology innovators to bring enhanced flexibility and unlimited performance, see our growing list of integrations here. 

DocuSign offers more than 350 integrations with popular business apps from document management to CRM to payments, including:

  • zipForm
  • Zapier
  • Salesforce
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Dropbox

Despite offering a smaller number of integrations, dotloop supports more real estate specific ones, including CRM, accounting and franchise integrations like:

  • Zillow Premier Agent
  • propertybase
  • BrokerSumo
  • Notarize
  • Keller Williams
  • EXIT Realty

User satisfaction and reviews

Winner: DocuSign

Alternative: Nitro has been supporting some of the world’s most successful organizations since 2005, take a look at what our customers are saying.

As you can see from reviews on G2, Gartner and Capterra, both companies have their share of delighted customers. DocuSign holds the edge when it comes to overall rating with 4.5 out of 5 according to G2.

While DocuSign’s Real Estate product only has 114 reviews on the site, the broader company rating is based on nearly 1,800 reviews. Dotloop, on the other hand, scored a 4.2 out of 5 based on 147 G2 reviews.

Here’s a sample of what DocuSign customers have to say:

"I like how the transactions I am working on are organized. Through Docusign, they are categorized in rooms where you can manage all of the necessary paperwork required for each deal. The site is easy to use which is an added bonus."

(source: G2)

"DocuSign is a cloud-based electronic signature tool and has robust features and functionalities which allows the user to create, upload, edit, share, track and monitor the document/agreement status through a transparent workflow. [...] It's a secure and reliable tool which reduces the time to close the document signing process digitally. Supplier support team is very helpful and resourceful."

(source: Gartner)

And here’s what dotloop customers say:

"I love dotloop for the ease of use for both the customer and the business owner. It is easy to navigate and is available whenever I need to access it. I especially like that I can access it using my phone."

(source: Capterra)

"Dotloop is easy to learn and use. Having the app really makes all the difference when out and about. Easy to search for files, edit and even have clients sign in person via the app".

(source: G2)

Dotloop vs. DocuSign: which tool is right for your business?

Both dotloop and DocuSign are great options for real estate agents and brokers, while DocuSign also offers a more generic product for those outside the real estate space. Which is right for you depends on your individual needs, but here’s our overview based on the information above:

  • DocuSign is an industry leading tool best suited for real estate agents who just need eSignature features.
  • dotloop is a great online signature tool for real estate agents looking for a full document management system.

Nitro Sign®: a great alternative

If you aren’t sold on either of the options above, check out Nitro Sign.

Nitro offers the best of both tools and then some—you get the document management features and unlimited eSigning of dotloop for less than the price of DocuSign. Our platform is packed with enterprise-grade features and allows you to eSign without limits no matter which plan you’re on.

Plus, our world-class customer support organization is there to ensure easy, quick deployment and ongoing success.

And see how we stack up against DocuSign:


You can learn more about Nitro Sign by scheduling a personalized demo with our sales team.

Or, get started with a free trial right away.

Dotloop DocuSign eSign

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